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I had a talk with @vkrause about integrating itinerary with KDE Connect to send boarding passes to the phone and open them in itinerary. Then we thought about making this generic and allow to open arbitrary files on the remote device using Intents for Android and xdg-open on the desktop.

Implementation could be part of the SharePlugin or in a standalone plugin.

Note that I'm talking about opening, not executing files.

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Sure, it's a matter of installing the right desktop file.

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I like to work on this one. It will be a standalone plugin, but i will reuse much as possible from the SharePlugin.

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You don't need to touch the SharePlugin, just create a desktop file that specifies the mimetype required that will call "kdeconnect-handler".

You can copy urlhandler/org.kde.kdeconnect.telhandler.desktop and adapt it to do that.
Maybe kdeconnect-handler UI could/should be extended but the desktop file is definitely the first step.

How's it going, do you need any help?

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Not so fast, there is still D15294 for review and some more things to do

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