Suggestions to improve animation UIX from Bollebib
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1. Frame switch popups

a message in the top left corner to show that you went left or right on the timeline with the frame number


  • Show when scrubbing (optional, hidden config setting)
  • Show when clicking (optional, hidden config setting)
  • Show when switching frame using the shortcuts
  • Always show when in canvas-only mode

2. eraser switch smooth

remember smooth only for normal brush or eraser brush

Better not to implement yet another option "eraser switch *", but

  1. implement "virtual tips" (possibly, extend 10-brushes plugin)
  2. Make Smoothing be a part of the preset/tip configuration

3. Speed based smooth dropoff

Implement an option that will cut the smoothing/stabilizer exponentially, depending on the stylus speed. The higher the speed, the less smoothing we have

4. Non-recursive coloring of the group

Idea: dont color the whole group if collapsed (or seperate option? Or with shortcut?)

Proposed solution:

  • The list of color buttons should have one more button telling “Work recursively”
  • Requirements:
    • The button should not be present in the Layer Properties dialog. It always applies the color non-recursively.
    • Clicking on the button should *not* close the popup. That is tricky: one should somehow filter the event, to not let it pass to QMenu.

5. Next/prev layer without entering groups

like pg up down but for groups


  1. implement a shortcut that switches layers without entering into the groups
  2. [important] what should be the default shortcuts for it?

6. autocollapse layer

autocollapse a group if it was closed before if possible? Or maybe option to autoclose toggle

Proposed solution:
we will not close grandparents and grandchildren of the current layer, all the other layers will be collapsed. The feature might have 2 options:the number of positive steps in hierarchy to keep open and the number of negative steps in hierarchy. Default values are 2 and 2: grandparents and grandchildren

7. Prev/Next frame shortcut should wrap at the beginning/end of animation

  • Option to wrap prev/next frame shortcuts over the end of the animation
  • Option to wrap onion skins (perhaps a separate button) over the end of the animation

8. Disable onion skins calculation on frame skipping, enable after,maybe with small delay

to enhance performance maybe? discussion if this can be done for faster timeline browsing.

When switching quickly with “Left” and “Right” shortcuts, if there are two consecutive switches, it should skip onion skins generation and just show the raw frame (from the cache). When the switching stops, it should show the onion skins. Basically it should work like KisNodeJugglerCompressed.

Such switching should actually reuse “Scrubbing” mode of KisAnimationPlayer, which reuses animation cache and doesn’t regenerate anything.

9. Filter text in layer box to find layer with same name,like color filter hides all other layers.


10. Autosave popup notification for canvas-only mode

notification,especially when status bar is hidden but also when normal, to show krita is autosaving.


  • “Autosaving…” + “Autosave completed”
  • Option to show it only when Status bar is hidden

11. be able to paint on isolated layer

12. apply filter again WITH dialog

Apply/show/activate filter again,but show the dialog so options can be changed.

13. Cancel image resize operation

(sometimes needed for animation files taking too long)

  • show the "Cancel" button at the status bar
  • resolve the shortcuts conflict in the Canvas Only more, right now, pressing Esc exits Canvas only mode, so the user cannot actually cancel the stroke

14. Insert+move frame shortcuts

  • Implement "Insert frame move right" shortcut
    • if only one layer is selected, then only one layer gets new frame
    • if multiple frames are selected, then multiple layers get new frames
  • Implement "Remove frame move left" shortcut
    • if only one layer is selected, then only a frame on the selected layer is removed
    • if multiple frames are selected, then multiple frames are removed (with offset)
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timotheegiet added a subscriber: timotheegiet.EditedSep 26 2017, 2:18 PM

About point 1 (frame switch popup):
I think it should also be optional with shortcuts.. some people like me mostly use shortcuts, and not necessarily want to see popups all the time when switching back and forth frames..

Besides, I mostly agree with all the other points, especially on point 2 about finding a way to save smoothing with brush presets, witch is a long standing wish for lot of people.

Bollebib added a comment.EditedSep 27 2017, 9:53 AM

15. Colorfilter dropdown should be a horizontal strip ,no dropdown.

  • underneath the onion skin sliders there is enough empty space to put the colors of the filter next to each other in a single row.
  • this will make it faster to hide/unhide some of the colors in the onion skinning.

16. Render export only actual frames.

  • between 2 frames there can be empty space to repeat/hold the first frame . There is no new image or content in that space.
  • checkmark option in render settings to only export each frame,not the spaces between those frames.

example: An animation can have a length of 20 frames but only have 4 images, so the export will result in 4 images.

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