Dialer application
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Dialer application provides basically two things

  • Interface for calling the number or contact from Address book
  • Interface to show when call is received

We already have basic dialer app, but that needs fine grained controls and user interface revamp.

Current dialer code only allows to dial and hangup the call, but ideally it should allow other functions like,

  • Mute the audio
  • Send the DTMF tones
  • Loudspeaker

Current code can be found at : https://phabricator.kde.org/source/plasma-phone-components/browse/master/dialer/

Knowledge Requirements: Willing to learn Qt/QML, CMake

System Requirements: You can test this application in emulated environment using ofono-phonesim, or on actual mobile device running Plasma Mobile

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@bshah I'd like to work on this! I just started with KDE dev, so I'm still going through a learning curve. I'll update this comment with a specific task once I look through the app.
I'm going to start with the dialer UI, the diff is here: D13936

Should basic phone functionality (dialer, SMS, contact book) be maintained in the plasma-phone-components repository or should the dialer be split into its own repository?

Short update:
you need to install two additional packages ofono-qt and telepathy-ofono and then starting calls works


both can be packaged using dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc on the device, for telepathy-ofono you need to disable the tests as they fail (debian/rules ->

	echo "disabled" #CTEST_OUTPUT_ON_FAILURE=1 make -C obj-$(DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE) test

then use mc-tool summary to check if everything is online ( I think ofono/ofono/account0 was added and enabled automatically), use mc-tool request ofono/ofono/account0 online to go online

All of this so far should have worked on your pc with ofono-phonesim or on device with halium and real ofono

I was able to start dialing from plasmaphonedialer now on the real device but it didn't not receive the telepathy channel (so it was thinking the call failed)

On ofono-phonesim I could receive incoming calls but not start outgoing ones

Another update:

telepathy-ofono and ofono-qt are now included in the edge image and starting calls should work out of the box on Nexus 5x. Still no sound and no feedback in plasmaphonedialer though

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While dialer doesn't work on the Nexus 5X due to the ofono version being used is not compatible with rild implementation, dialer now works reasonably well on Plasma Mobile on pinephone and Librem 5. Closing this.