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The purpose of this task is to brainstorm topics we can mine for daily tweets/Facebook posts. In the end we should end up with a list of things we can draw upon even on slow days/weeks, to keep readers coming back for more.

paulb created this task.Apr 27 2017, 6:36 PM
paulb added a comment.Apr 27 2017, 6:38 PM

Off the top of my head:

  • Events
  • Releases
  • Tricks and tips
  • Stuff available in the store
  • New videos, posts, etc.
skadinna renamed this task from Brainstom topics to Brainstorm topics.Apr 27 2017, 6:41 PM

Some of my ideas:

  • On this day in KDE/OpenSource/Free Software
  • Trivia about KDE software/people
  • Bringing to light some less known KDE software
  • KDE-related polls/questions (these could generate a lot of interaction)
skadinna added a comment.EditedApr 27 2017, 6:49 PM

Some ideas from me:

  • collect people‘s desktop screenshots from reddit etc. and share them (G+ community has a hashtag for this, #ShowYourKDE)
  • „secret“ announcements before big releases (e.g. „we have something big coming up next week, can you guess what?“) + a visual hint – this invites people to engage & comment
  • keep promoting the 20 years of KDE book. It's an important asset and a lot of work obviously went into it, but not a lot of people know (or seem to care) about it. We can make them care by repurposing content from the book and repackaging it for social media. This means - pulling out interesting quotes, numbers, or excerpts and sharing them with a link to the full book.
  • share content from Advisory Board partners - news about their products/activities, or showing support for their initiatives
  • invite people to send happiness packets to developers of their favorite apps/projects to show support in a way that doesn't cost money - https://www.happinesspackets.io/
paulb added a comment.Apr 28 2017, 6:02 AM

Maybe also:

  • Interesting blog posts/articles that appear in Planet KDE/dot.kde.org.

That's a healthy list we've got there!

Another thing that I was doing when I had much more time... I had several KDE-related searches open for posts (like Automotive and similar hashtags and kde.org domain) and I monitored what people were posting about us. And if they made a positive comment I liked ut, if not reposted it. And I tried to help if they had a problem.

In relation to this we could also like/repost news about KDE from some news sites.

We could also maybe repost when some distro, which comes with Plasma desktop or has a KDE edition, makes a new release.

paulb added a comment.Apr 28 2017, 9:36 PM

Yep. Monitoring hashtags and for keywords, definitely a good idea. Just this afternoon, Linux Voice published a tweet on a video one of them had done on KDE. I retweeted it on the KDE account and it has had quite a bit of repercussion.

neofytosk added a comment.EditedApr 29 2017, 10:38 PM

Lots of good suggestions here.

From my experience managing social media for FOSS projects, users are particularly interested in:

  • Artwork: new wallpapers, icons, themes
  • Quick previews of new stuff: widgets, apps, features
  • Short tutorials (text is OK, but 1-3min videos or gifs are better): including tips and tricks
  • Mentions in 3rd party websites: a press coverage of a KDE event, a popular tech site reviewing a KDE product, a video preview of an application
  • Community activities: conferences, summits, meetings. including photos and simple descriptions of outcomes
  • Controversial topics: a radical change in UI, adopting some new technology, dropping a feature
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James added a subscriber: James.Aug 1 2017, 5:50 PM

So, in partial summary, we should be monitoring various hashtags on Twitter, G+. etc.: Automotive, #showyourkde (and others...if so, which ones?). Here is a *partial* action plan summary based on the above:

  • Set up a Google Alert (alerts.google.com) for keywords we want monitored. I do this now as a custom search of [KDE -bugs], as I do not want endless bug reports showing up in the daily alert - only the good stuff!
  • Monitor the KDE-Users group on Deviant Art KDE-users. LOTS of good eye-candy there.
  • Monitor the KDE Store for new entries including icons, wallpapers, apps, etc.
  • Monitor Planet and re-post relevant / interesting posts (Also gives the advantage of using the blog post in it's original format and not the Planet template)
  • Monitor Youtube for relevant content and highlight the standout ones, at least twice a week
  • Define polls to drive traffic and get out a few times a month (Ex. what KDE Plasma application do you use the most?), etc.
  • Invite Devs to submit info for Promo stories

We can add to this list, but any start is better than no start. As we collect info from our web-scouring activities, we need a notes / landing page to link content so that the people with Promo accounts access can post them.

As an aside that I would like to see broken into a separate task: Can we set up a task to see what all is needed to revive the KDE Commit-Digest? That is sorely missed :/

paulb added a comment.Aug 1 2017, 6:56 PM

Good stuff. Some we are already doing, but this is definitely good and I am taking notes. Thanks @James and @neofytosk.