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(mostly a copy of the knotificationsv2 etherpad)

This is a collection of requirements/features/ideas for a rewrite of KNotifications with Qt6/KF6 in mind.
Unless there is something in Qt6 that influences the API design in a major way we should already introduce it in KF5 so we can port code before the major Qt6/KF6 work.

Don't auto-delete notifications

  • They're not jobs.
  • Could allow features like revoking notifications after they expired and triggering actions from the history.
  • Also reduces surprises when using KNotification. Not storing it in a QPointer<KNotification> is a common mistake

Unique identifiers?

  • Allow to revoke notifications after notification "expired" or even anytime after process died or reboot, e.g. network/wifi/UUID/connected and then NM could just revoke network/wifi/*/connected when it is no longer connected,
  • or just network/connected and then that will replace any previous network/connected notification?
  • e.g. battery/low and then it could just revoke it when AC is plugged in
  • e.g. chatapp/CHANNEL/newmessage and then it could just revoke chatapp/*/* when the user focuses the channel
  • Maybe even with some auto-revoke QWindow focus event magic like the current KNotification has (which doesn't work :D)
  • or e.g. kdeconnect/ so that it can just keep the notification list in sync

Also ties in with "context", so that chatapp/$PERSON/* could be configured independently from chatapp/global/* or something. Also we have "eventIds" right now already.

Support categories?

  • Somewhat ties in with unique identifiers? Maybe supplements them. e.g. "network.disconnected"
  • Could be useful for providing different layouts for notifications, e.g. incoming calls or picture-heavy stuff, not sure how useful that would be.. probably not very

Rework sound

  • use native Windows/macOS/Android sound
  • implement FDO sound spec in Plasma:
  • There's "sound-name" (sound schemes!), "sound-file", "suppress-sound"
  • move sound playback there? At least for everything that spawns a Plasma/FDO notification popup
  • then kill phonon backend
  • then kill Canberra backend? Or keep it as fallback for *nix platforms without sound in notifications

Proper platform backends

  • All the platform backends like Android, Windows, macOS are just shoehorned ontop of the "Popup" action. Do this properly, move from "Action"-driven to platform backends.
  • Consider space bar heating removal

Reduced dependencies

  • Don't depend on DBus except for FDO backend
  • Don't depend on widgets, use optional QWindow instead for window raising
  • Don't depend on KCodecs, it is only used for stripping HTML - Plasma's notification sanitizer doesn't actually resolve entities (and the spec is very vague, "subset of HTML"), so &uuml; stays &uuml; and doesn't turn into "ü"
  • consider QSystemTrayIcon as a replacement for KStatusNotifierItem (needs some work on QSTI) or at least move it out of the repo (has widget dependencies etc)
  • Let dave figure out QPT inheritance stuff so we can use qgenreicunixdbusblablathing
  • ksni potentially doesnt work well with sandboxed apps
  • Kill KPassivePopup D22544
  • Can we make it Tier 1? Would make it more interesting for third-party users. Wasn't there even an effort for a Qt notification module? (Qt Application Manager is probably not it...). Most 3rd party projects just use libnotify which is C and has less deps than any Qt lib

New APIs

  • Quick reply: Windows, macOS, Android and soon(tm) Plasma support quick reply. Have API for that in KNotification and a fallback dialog for platforms that don't support it
  • Add KNotificationCapabilities class (?) to query notification server / backend capabilities, so app can know in advance if it supports stuff like "origin name", html markup, etc
  • Make setting HTML/rich text notification body text a conscious decision by the API user (setText vs setRichText or similar)
  • Resurrect KNotificationRestrictions for notification inhibitions
  • Convenient "bind to this window visible" feature


  • "Proper" backend for sending notifications to phone via KDE connect?
  • Plasma notification multiplexer/forwarder (oh kuiserver all over again)
  • maybe needed for screenlocker anyway?
  • Propose FDO to move it to them and clean up dead stuff in the spec (make 1.3? with history in mind?)
  • Figure out accessibility

Make it usable without the KNotifyConfig stuff. It's mostly irrelevant for non-Plasma platforms
Especially make sure that a notification doesn't randomly not show just because notifyrc is missing or misconfigured. Make notifyrc/pre-declaration of events optional rather than core requirement?
Make notifyrc based on desktop entry rather than application binary name (e.g. org.kde.konversationrc instead of konversationrc with DesktopEntry hint)

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Braindump after call with dfaure and nicofee:

  • ignore app restarted/not running case with global identifiers from above
  • Is a normal QObject
  • delete object implies closing notification
    • since you cannot invoke actions when object is deleted
    • encourages users to explicitly clean up their notifications appropriately
      • e.g. close "connected" notification when disconnecting wifi
      • opening discover would revoke "updates available"
      • plugging AC would revoke low battery notification
      • turning on Numlock revoke "numlock turned off" in kaccess
      • etc etc
    • add setAutoClose(false) or similar if you really want a fire and forget
      • "compositing reset" would be fire and forget because user cannot do anything about it
  • even if closed by user object stays around but becomes invalid
    • e.g. has state of "on screen", "in backlog"/"expired", etc
  • have Notify replace_id replace not change order (i.e. remove "updated" timestamp from notification filter lessThan)
    • more common use case is delete old notification object and make new one for drastic changes (semantic-wise, like "num lock off" vs "on")
  • Drop most of event config
    • Instead add signal for app to open app notification config (settings action used in Chrome)
    • Figure out plasma workspace notification config, e.g. a place where to turn on/off login sound, warning sounds, etc
      • Maybe kill notifyrc for apps and keep it around for daemons and what not which don't have UI
      • Apparently Android requires some ahead of time configuration, too, so perhaps keep this somehow

Other changes/comments:

  • QWidget → QWindow
  • KWindowSystem::activate → window->activate() or something
  • Make setText and setPlainText separate, usually you don't want rich text
  • What about KCodecs, used for escaping. Plasma uses QXmlStreamReader which chokes on HTML but spec says "XML-based", so, do we care?
  • What about KMessageBox sounds? Currently there's a plugin that it uses to play the sound or something
  • What about popup fallback? KPassivePopup dead... QProcess::startDetached("xmessage")? :-P