Entry for QCH documentation files (for KDevelop & more in the future)
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Current Situation: collect.kde.org

KDevelop currently still uses collect.kde.org as online service for the custom download of developer documentation files in QCH format. The idea had been that the list of documentation files would be curated. As a matter of fact, after a short while the list was no longer maintained and stayed that way for many years since then. So the plan has not worked out.
KDevelop is the last one using collect.kde.org, so the service can e shut down once KDevelop no longer uses it. The other previous user, Kate, now ships the formerly hosted curated syntax definition files directly (actually the KSyntaxHighlighting liibrary does now). Given the sizes of QCH files, direct shipping of curated files as part of the software is not an option there.

So it might make sense to just switch to "community curated" list of files using store.kde.org.

Possible Future Situation: store.kde.org

Question to store.kde.org managers:
does store.kde.org support the concept of indirect links to products, where the actual content file is on another service? Or would one have to upload the actual QCH file to store.kde.org? I see there is an option for "Add URL" on the pling.com product editing page, but I never used that, so have no idea how that works.

The synchrotron-software run collect,kde.org has in the desktop file such an entry to forward;

Which category to use:
While currently only KDevelop would use this category, QCH files are consumable also by other applications, like Qt Assistant, Qt Creator or other potential documentation readers (I have some WIP documentation reader locally). And ideally all developer documentation readers would share the collection of QCH files installed from store.kde.org.
So I would prefer if the the category name would not be KDevelop specific

Categories=API Documentation QCH Files
(other proposals welcome)

Currently served QCH files

The few currently listed documentation can be seen here:

  • cppreference (outdated version, actually also available as normal package in Arch, Debian, Ubuntu: https://en.cppreference.com/w/Cppreference:Archives)
  • grantlee (outdated version 0.2)
  • kdelibs (no longer interesting)
  • kdepimlibs (outdated version 4.x)
  • kf5 (outdated link, also packaged if KF5 is built with BUILD_QCH=ON)
  • qwt (outdated version)
  • stl (outdated link)
kossebau created this task.Aug 17 2019, 5:08 PM

@starbuck @leinir H. Please see "Question to store.kde.org managers" (but better to read first whole text to get the context). I would like to sort this out before end of year.

We certainly can add a new category = API Documentation QCH Files.
Linking files are possible via "Add url", simply pointing to a file as endpoint.
I'm not sure what needs to be done client-side, so Dan can likely help there.
I just need to know what the category name should be and when to add it.

Thanks for the reply, sounds good.

Can you point easily to some examples for linking files on store.kde.org, so I can compare?

Could also try myself with some dummy entry on store.kde.org, but prefer to not mess around with experiments in a non-playground :)

I added the new category now here:

This is accesible via backend api in the next 24h, as well should show up
in the sidebar here:

As for using urls, simply try it out, you can leave a product unpublished
while testing it and delete any link or product easily.

@starbuck Thanks. Tried a first link with https://store.kde.org/p/1334948 and adapted the KNSRC file of KDevelop, worked as wanted.
(well, once I added a workaround for some strange KNewStuff behaviour on archive extraction, cmp. 39a8a51d33 ;) )

Already pushed to kdevelop repo (44458d9cc2), so more people can test-drive this now. Will close ticket next Monday, if no isses arise til then,

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