Krita 4.2 release
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Krita release task


Feature freeze 3rd of April (NOW)
String freeze: 1st of May.
Alpha tagging: 5th of May.
Beta tagging: 12th of May
Release: Final week of May.

New features:

These all needs to be tested during alpha/beta/release candidate stage, and closed upon release:

Big bugfixes:

Ref this task when you fix a bug, so that we can make a list here :)

Main release TODO :

  • Coordinate with #kde-promo

Code side:

See also:

  • update 3rdparty dependencies to the latest versions
  • update the version of krita.xmlgui
  • update the CMakeLists.txt version
  • update the appstream file
  • update org.kde.krita.appdata.xml 's release tag
  • make a v4.2.0 tag (git tag -a vX.Y.Z -m "krita x.y.z" )
  • push the tag ( git push origin --tags)
  • update create_tarball_kf5's config.ini to use the new tag
  • run create_tarball_kf5.rb (./createtarball/create_tarball_kf5.rb -n -a krita)
  • sign the tarball (gpg --output krita-x.y.z.tar.gz.sig --detach-sign krita-x.y.z.tar.gz)
  • upload the tarball and signature
  • Start the binary builds for Windows and Linux appimage (
  • Start the Mac build
  • mail KDE release coordination <>
  • Send release notes for future Krita versions to
  • create bugzilla version
  • Warn kde sysadmins that we're going to release and that is going to take load


We will mention when packages are done via IRC. You can help us by checking if the package works on your system, and does the following right:

  • Krita starts
  • Localization works
  • Basic painting and most recently fixed bugs are fixed
  • Linux:
    • AppImage x64
    • Snap
    • Notify Krita Lime
  • Windows
    • ZIP64 + DBG [ installer x64
    • Update Microsoft store.
    • Update Steam store
  • OSX
    • DMG package

Packages for this release can be found at:

Communication side:

  • Update Kiki page
  • Update press pack and page
  • Notify translators of string freeze!
  • Verify if manual pages are updated, if not annoy @woltherav and add undocumented features to Krita: Manual
  • Write release notes. This is a big release, so the big release notes are stored at
  • Create release announcement
  • Notify people that they can start making release demonstrations.
  • tumblr
  • BlenderArtists
  • deviantart
  • VK
  • blendernation
  • twitter
  • facebook

If you have completed a task, add a comment.
If you have anything else to add, add a comment as well! Putting all the comments about a given release into a single task is much easier on the bookkeeping!

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NB. Dmitry noted that we have reworked tablet support so much that we might as well at it to the release notes now. We have very little tablet bugs right now in any case :)

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