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This is a version I came up with. It tries to simplify the download area by giving a more clear path on what option people want.

Based off downloads and what we recommend, we tell Windows people to get the installer version. I think we should just make that the big download button... People can get other versions with the "All Download Versions" like the portable one.

The other things below aren't the primary reason people are on this page, so I think they should be below and more secondary.

I also added an idea for an updated "thank you page" after someone clicks the download page. This revises it a bit by organizing the content better and adding an area for youtube. Based off our web data, youtube is our #1 referrer source, so it might be good to point people to youtube artists.

scottpetrovic created download page alternate version.Apr 18 2018, 1:29 PM

I really like your vision here. This will be a huge step forward and very modern.

Only 2 small suggestions in my mind right now:

  1. the Download buttons of the 6 blocks below, can we move the buttons right under each of their titles, so they are aligned horizontally? It'll look more tidy and organized that way.
  2. How about adding a Kiki picture in the Thank you page, just like the homepage of I can draw a new one tailored for this purpose.

@tysontan That would be cool for the thank you page! It doesn't have to be anything super fancy. Just something fun. No rush. It will take a little while before we agree on a page design and I can do all these coding changes.

I do really like the new design! :)

Seems good to me

rempt added a subscriber: rempt.May 3 2018, 8:16 AM

I'd like the buttons to be aligned as well. The other thing is "All download versions" -- does that lead to a page with versions for all os'es? Or should we have a button that switches the auto-detected OS?

I have updated the wireframes! I think I understood the points about the buttons and alignment, but I could have misread it.

I also added a new wireframe with what is in the drop-downs. I am condensing the requirements so they are all in one area. The all download links also just gives someone a way to get all the versions.

Let me know if there is anything else. I haven't received any feedback on the thank you page, so not sure if I need to revise any of those ideas.

rempt added a comment.May 4 2018, 12:57 PM

Looks good to me!