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Mock Description website download page redesign ideas. By re-organizing information and better visual guidance, aim to improve its readability.

  1. 2 additional tabs on the left column were created for Unstable builds and GPG Signatures. Ideas from discussions with Boud and Scott.
  1. Icons, font size, font color, bullets, buttons, boxs, familiar keywords were used to make user's discovery of their target downloads easier while providing related concise explanations.
  1. The right column, with its nightly information moved to Unstable tab, now carries technical notes like the latest release notes, Other and previous releases, GPU support and Graphics tablet support.
  1. Move Krita Gemini to other releases so the Title-Tab area is much less confusing.
  1. GPU compatibility. Those product range should all support OpenGL 3.0 and DirectX 11.0, which can at least good enough for Krita to do HQ zooming and grid.
  1. Also a suggestion to make the page title bolder, darker to tell the user what page they are currently looking at.
Deevad added a subscriber: Deevad.Apr 2 2018, 12:01 PM

One thing that helps out with discussions is listing why this work is being done in the first place at the very top of a task. Designs are presenting a solution to a problem(s). But the problems aren't listed on this page, so it can make giving feedback more difficult for other people.

With what I remember discussing on IRC and email, these are the current things that are problems or areas we would like to improve:

  1. Download section on Windows has been said to be too confusing and needs to be simplified
  2. We need to call out better the unstable versions of Krita since we have nightly builds for linux and windows. Right now the nightly links on windows are in 2 spots. In the windows section and on the right side.
  3. Mentioning something about GPG signatures
  4. "Have fun Painting" area needs to be its own page and organized better. Maybe other improvements like calling out shop items or donation more

My impression is that we have a lot of text on this page. Based on downloads, 95% of the downloads people are downloading the installer versions for windows. I think we should downplay the other options a bit more. I think that will make it a lot more clear on what we are directing people to go with.

The website does have some intelligence built into it already. It can tell what OS they are using, so it will go to the correct tab automatically. It can also tell what architecture they are using (64-bit or 32-bit) which is what makes those links buttons currently.

Maybe we can also put some of this text behind tooltips or something. See the way does their download stuff.

Maybe someone can explain more about the "signatures" section. I don't know how most people will interpret that. I have only just heard about someone wanting that very recently. That tells me it should be downplayed quite a bit, otherwise risk confusing people

I added an alternate version that tries to help guide people better on what we suggest for the download. It puts some of the technical stuff behind a drop down like system requirements. I leaned heavily on some of the ways Blender is doing it.

Hi Scott, I prefer your vision. It has a more modern looking layout and very functional. Mine was merely an idea of incremental work over the current layout. Shall we move the discussion to M125?

P.S. sorry for replying late. Reallife was exploding. XD