port sftp to Result system to force serialization of error/finish condition

Authored by sitter on Feb 4 2020, 12:29 PM.



the Result system was originally introduced to the FTP slave and now also
makes an appearance in the SFTP slave. the system introduces a separation
between logic and fronting API class to more tightly control when state
changing calls (finished()/error()) are made. since these calls may only
be made once during a given command multiple calls are at the very least
indicative of bad code and at worst cause severe state confusion for the
slavebase that it won't be able to recover from, rendering the slave
instance broken.

in the internal class Results are returned whenever an error can appear and
these Results must be handled in some form. the only way to effectively
produce user visible errors is to forward results up the call chain.

Test Plan
  • connect
  • copy remotely
  • overwrite remotely
  • copy to local
  • overwrite to local
  • copy from local to remote
  • copy form local to remote and overwrite

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Good stuff, I'll admit I kind of skimmed over the bits that were rewrites error(...); return; -> Result::fail(), I assume you've mapped correctly there. Only minor comments from me.


Technically unrelated to your changes, but does this even work? isn't the check supposed to be against errno in this case, not offset?


`if (result.success) { ...} else { ... } seems clearer to me


I'm a bit confused, why is this necessary?


Should then be changed from 0LL to 0U?


We should be calling finished() (or Result::pass) on close() IIRC? I'm not seeing it called.

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call finished() from frontend close() (internal close cannot finish and cannot error). " // must call finish(), which will set d->inOpenLoop=false" one of many expectations not asserted by slavebase :(

sitter added inline comments.Feb 14 2020, 3:41 PM

True enough. I expect, like many things in the slaves, this never actually worked. that line was introduced as KDE_lseek and that too was just an alias for lseek :|
Also lseek doesn't even errno EAGAIN according to the manpage. I expect seeking as a whole needs fixing, I'll record a bug.


That function is a verbatim copy from ftp so I'd rather not change it.


Kinda unrelated to the diff, I only changed it because this class has way too many type coercions.
i goes into ssh_userauth_kbdint_getprompt which has an unsigned signature, the counter n coming out of ssh_userauth_kbdint_getnprompts is signed though. The explicit cast silences the warning of the type coercion between int and unsigned.

Mind you, I think n<1 cannot even happen. The server challenged us, so there's always going to be at least one prompt, so the fact that it returns a signed prompt count is silly to begin with.


I guess, that applies to all slaves though. ftp already has it and smb is also going to get it at some point. If we want a todo comment I'd put it in the ftp code. Though TBH I think that should just be a clazy check or deprecation inside Qt when built with c++17.

dfaure requested changes to this revision.Feb 22 2020, 8:52 AM

Nice work! Found 2 bugs though.


Warning, you changed the logic. This "else" wasn't there, in order to catch the case where the second call to ssh_channel_poll failed too. I think you need to revert this "else".


missing "return" in front


typo: forwar*d*ed

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fix problems found by dfaure

I've also added Q_REQUIRED_RESULT to fail() and pass() to help not forget to do something with
the return value. there's no reason to call them and ignore the constructed object

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