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Authored by filipf on Thu, Nov 28, 12:16 AM.


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In the Window Decorations and Audio KCMs we use QQC2 TabBars with a frame.

The frame already draws a top border but then the tabbar draws another border, resulting in an ugly, dark, out of place line.

I added a property to the QQC2 TabBar style because I assume there might be cases where it's not used with a frame so a border is needed there.

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Set border: false in the win deco kcm code



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Feels like at this point we should just break down and create an actual TabView control all at once. :p

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Feels like at this point we should just break down and create an actual TabView control all at once. :p

Yep. Unfortunately it seems we'd still need this hacky property because we'd be including TabBar.

... and the other hack lol, but it would be nice to not have to do all this all the time:

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I don't think the style is the right approach. What happens if you run the KCM with a different style, will it refuse to load?
And border is quite a non-descript property, how about frameVisible

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With this patch:


Windows 98:




When the frame is enabled it just adds a double border with all widget styles so looks like an improvement to me. The screenshots do show we'll need to theme frame's border the same way we did for the tab bar's though.

Kai means a different QQC2 style. Which is indeed a problem with this approach, if you switch to say Material style with QT_QUICK_CONTROLS_STYLE=material the KCM will not load.

I think the better question is: Does the line serve any purpose? Or can we simply drop it completely?

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Ah right, it will complain about a non-existing property.

Yeah it would be good if we could just drop it. Maybe @mart knows why we have it.