file ioslave: stop copying as soon as the ioslave is killed
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Authored by meven on Sat, Nov 2, 12:28 PM.


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Previously when cancelling a copy the ioslave would continue.
The file copy job would then remove the file.
The dest file being removed would cause an IO error in the slave resulting in warnings such as :

kf5.kio.kio_file: Could not change permissions for "...
kf5.kio.kio_file: Couldn't preserve group for "...
kf5.kio.kio_file: Couldn't preserve access and modification time for "...

Preserve clean up of intermediate file copy leftover.

Test Plan

Copy a file, cancel the copy -> the destination file is cleaned
Copy a file, overwriting another -> the .part intermediate file is cleaned

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+1 makes a lot of sense overall.

74 ↗(On Diff #69187)

I don't think this change is ABI compatible (though after reading the docs, I'm not 100% sure).

You could always define it to call the parent though.

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Better safe than sorry, keep the doKill override

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Fix test JobTest::cancelCopyAndCleanDest

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friendly ping

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Anyone to review this ? 30 lines change + test

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Keep FileCopyJob::doKill

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Rebase on master

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Nice, I didn't realize the slave had 5 seconds to cleanup after being killed, I thought it died immediately
(genericsig_handler in slavebase.cpp).

Hmm, the Windows code is probably a no-op then, there's no signal handler there to call setKillFlags(), so no opportunity to cleanup before dying.
Some research indicates that we'd have to use SetConsoleCtrlHandler on Windows for similar behaviour.

OK so at least it seems feasible, so I won't object to the commit even if it doesn't implement it on Windows.
-1 just for the missing QVERIFY.


Always use QVERIFY() around spy.wait().
Well, I'm assuming we actually expect the signal to be emitted :-)
I would also remove the 500 then, the default value will be fine.

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