Fix selectedNameFilter() multiple matches

Authored by hoffmannrobert on Jun 21 2019, 11:37 AM.



If your filter list has two matching filters for an extension, KFileWidget
will return the name of the first filter when calling
QFileDialog::selectedNameFilter(), even if the second filter was selected
in the dialog.

This is a follow-up for

Test Plan
  1. Compile and run the attached program to the bug report 407819
  2. Make sure that "auto extension" checkbox is enabled
  3. Select the last file filter (DocBook (.xml)) via dropdown list
  4. Click "Save"
  5. Check program output

Result without this patch:
The output is "Word 2003 XML (.xml) (*.xml)"

Result with this patch applied:
The output should be "DocBook (.xml) (*.xml)", since this was selected in the file dialog.

BUG: 407819

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+1 for the included unittest.


(hehe I keep thinking this is about KDE-2 stuff... what a dinosaur I am)


the !filterText.isEmpty() && part is redundant.
In this part of the condition, we know it's not empty, otherwise shortcut evaluation happened after isEmpty returns true.

blue or (not blue and green)

is really the same as

blue or green
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Can you please push it for me, I don't have commit access. Thanks.

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