Use new character width code based on Unicode 11

Authored by mglb on Sep 26 2018, 12:56 AM.



Adds a code for getting character width togeter with LUTs generated
using uni2characterwidth from Unicode 11 lists.

Skin tone, flags, gender, and other emoji with and modifer are not
joined (you will see e.g. a skin tone square + generic yellow emoji).
I think joining them would cause problems in most editors, command line
prompts, and other programs which use character width data, as the
characters would behave as combining or emoji depending on context (like


  • light thumb up: πŸ‘πŸ»
  • dark thumb up: πŸ‘πŸΏ
  • Polish flag: πŸ‡΅πŸ‡±

This behavior is allowed:

It is possible to add support for sequences, but those would work
only for a string width functions.

Some characters which can be presented as emoji are narrow (e.g. βœ–οΈ, ©️).
Those characters are listed without "presentation" mode, which means
they should be rendered as text by default (real presentation depends on
renderer and/or font). Noto Sans Color Emoji renders them as wide,
DejaVu Sans as narrow. Vim, bash and zsh treat them as narrow, so I made
them narrow.

BUG: 396435
BUG: 378124
BUG: 392171
BUG: 339439

FIXED-IN: 18.12

Depends on D15757

Test Plan
  • Look at emoji_test.txt - emojis should look "normal" (two characters


  • Look at GLASS.txt - characters width should look correct.
  • CharacterWidthTest should pass.
  • perl -XCSDL -e 'print map{chr($_), " "} 1..0xffff'

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You won't get any VDG objection from something as cool as this!

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This is a generated file, or This file is generated.


What if someone else re-generates the file/updates it?

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Regeneration using other source files will change some numbers in the arrays. This is the same as changing constants or something like that in C++ code, so the same policy applies.

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Language fix

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This needs a rebase as well

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Thanks, I don't see anything obviously wrong; let me test it a bit more and we'll get it into master for more testing.

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