added 'add_to_places' action to file menu and as a shortcut

Authored by ngraham on Apr 29 2018, 7:21 PM.


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Added an action to the "File" menu to add the currently opened folder to the "Places" pane.
Also added the shortcut "Ctrl + D" for this action.

BUG: 390757

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I tested it with a single tab open, as well as with two, in both cases the currently active "window" is used get the current folder

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Dunno how I missed this, sorry!

The keyboard shortcut works, but I can't actually see the new item in the file menu. Also, you need to bump the version on dolphinui.rc.

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Please do not use CTRL+D as key binding.
It already has a mix of things it does.

In Konsole: it closes the current tab
In Chrome: it adds the current page to your bookmarks

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I think the idea was to piggyback on the "bookmarks" idea, since places are basically bookmarks in Dolphin. I think it's okay.

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bumped up version in dolphinui

I built and executed it in both the docker environment (plasma:dev-unstable) as well as kde-neon (git-unstable), in both cases the menu item was available. Any ideas as to why it might not show up on your machine @ngraham ?

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as @ngraham said, the idea was to use a common mnemonic for bookmarks, i could also change it to something else or alternatively don't set a default shortcut.

I see the menu item when I try a new user account, which points to an issue showing it for existing users who already have a config file. I thought that bumping the version on dolphinui.rc would fix that, but apparently it didn't...

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D26590 reminded me of this one.


I don't think we need a shortcut for this, and this one in particular will be used by the duplicate feature D8208

The "Add to Places" action is in fact already in the menu, so I don't think this revision is needed anymore.

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