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A twin panel file manager. Written in C++11 with Qt5 and KF5.

Useful links


  • Forum (same purpose as user mailing list)



  • Repositories
    • Source code
      • Read-only: git://
      • Developer access:
      • Web-based browser
      • GitHub mirror (read-only, no pull requests accepted)
    • Website
      • Read-only: git://
      • Developer access:
      • Web-based browser
  • Jenkins (automatic build server, supports an RSS feed for the build status of origin/master)
  • Krazy (static code analysis service)


  • IRC-channel: (good place for quick questions regarding everything KDE related)


I want to contribute. How to submit my first patch?


  1. Get a KDE identity account
  2. Create a new Diff:
  3. Wait for somebody to review and accept your diff.
My patch has been accepted, what now?

See workflow documentation, for your first patches you will usually have to ask your reviewers to land them.

I want to fix a bug but there is no bug report for it yet. Do I need to file one?

No, not if you are certain that it really is a bug. Feel free to just submit a review.

I am unsure about the right approach to solve an issue, what is the best place to discuss?

Ask us on the developer mailing list.

Release Howto

NOTE: Don't follow this blindly. Think, test and improve if required!

First time use:

mkdir -v krusader-build && cd krusader-build
git clone git://
git clone git://

make final changes in repository:

  • set new version (and release name) in krusader/CMakeLists.txt and commit
git commit -a -m "New release version: ${VERSION}"
  • check:
    • test compilation
    • running/major bugs?
    • documentation up-to-date?

create tarball:

VERSION=`cat krusader/CMakeLists.txt | grep 'set(VERSION' | awk -F '"' '{print $2; }'` &&
kde-dev-scripts/createtarball/create_tarball_kf5.rb -n -v $VERSION -a krusader
sha1sum krusader-${VERSION}.tar.xz &&
sha256sum krusader-${VERSION}.tar.xz

test compiling:

NOTE: translated documentation can be broken and abort building, do this!
mkdir -v build-${VERSION} && cd build-${VERSION} &&
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/ ../krusader-${VERSION} && make -j3 ; cd ..

create Git tag:

git tag -a v${VERSION} -m "Tagging krusader-${VERSION}"
git push --follow-tags

upload source package to KDE server

curl -T krusader-${VERSION}.tar.xz

create new sysadmin request:

Ask the friendly sysadmins on Phabricator to publish the package, something like:

Package pending for Krusader

New release for the Krusader project. Package is uploaded to

Desired destination: stable/krusader/{version}

{sha1 hash}
{sha256 hash}



  1. change links on
  2. add new version to list of versions on
  3. write notification to krusader-user, krusader-devel, krusader-news and mailing lists
  4. set next beta version in Git:
VERSION=`cat CMakeLists.txt | grep 'set(VERSION' | awk -F '"' '{print $2; }'`
git commit -a -m "New beta release version: ${VERSION}"
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