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NOTE: Don't follow this blindly. Think, test and improve if required!

Overall release process

  • Write a letter to krusader-devel group to claim yourself as a release manager, ask if there are any outstanding issues, code reviews, unpublished work that devs want to include into the release. Wait for a week to gather replies. Examples: v2.7.0, v2.7.1.
  • Discuss the proposed changes, set a feature freeze for the release (no new features should be included to the release later except the agreed on at this stage or bug fixes). Agree on the approximate release date. Examples: v2.7.0, v2.7.1.
  • Wait for changes to be reviewed and pushed.
  • Discuss and pick a release name in case of major or minor release. Bug fix releases carry the release name over.
  • Create a release branch if needed (see the corresponding section below).
  • Update or ask to update the documentation. Check if changes made from the previous release have been documented. Update features for major or minor release (example: v2.7.0).
  • Propose the release date (for example, 3 weeks from now), update the docs and AppStream files. Examples: v2.7.2.
  • Declare the string freeze and doc freeze stage for 2 weeks and notify translators. Examples: v2.7.1.
  • Update change logs and news in the meantime. Examples: v2.7.0, v2.7.1.
  • Prepare review: version update. Examples: v2.7.1.
  • Prepare review: website update. Examples: v2.7.1.
  • On the release date: prepare and release the package (see the corresponding section below).
  • Wrap up: cleanup and check a few things (see the corresponding section below).


NOTE: this is simplified as you need to setup your developer access to be able to push later

First time setup

mkdir -v krusader-release-env && cd krusader-release-env
git clone git://
git clone git://


cd krusader-release-env
cd krusader && git checkout stable && git pull ; cd ..
cd kde-dev-scripts && git pull ; cd ..

Create a release branch

In case you're doing a minor or major release (i.e. 2.7 -> 2.8 or 2.8 -> 3.0), stable branch needs to be remapped.

For example, you are going to do 2.7 -> 2.8. Then

  1. First create a branch at the same point as stable to mark a past release branch. Name it 2.7.
  2. Hard reset stable to master
  3. Create a commit in master updating the app version to 2.9.0-dev (stable should keep previous master version which is 2.8.0-dev, so no commit is needed)
  4. Push master, 2.7 and stable to central repo in this order.

Now you are ready for the release.

In case you're doing patch version update (i.e. 2.7.1 -> 2.7.2), no update to stable branch is needed.

CR: Documentation and AppStream files

Update the following files with new release version, date, name (if applicable) and features (if applicable):

  • doc/index.docbook
  • doc/features.docbook
  • doc/release-overview.docbook
  • krusader/org.kde.krusader.appdata.xml
NOTE: Must be pushed before doc freeze email.

CR: ChangeLog and NEWS update

Update the following files accordingly:

  • Changelog
  • NEWS
  • doc-extras/ChangeLog

Search in git log for changelog messages and add them to the ChangeLog file:

cd krusader
git log $LAST_VERSION.. | grep 'FIXED:\|ADDED:\|UPDATED:\|CHANGED:\|REMOVED:' | sort

Add changes from bugzilla bug reports and code reviews manually if necessary.

CR: Version bump

Update the following files with new release version, date, name (if applicable):

  • CMakeLists.txt
NOTE: Verify that the version is building without warnings for both Debug and Release targets. Verify it's running correctly and you don't see any obvious problems. Do this ahead of time to be able to fix problems early!

CR: Website update

Update the following pages:

  • index.html
  • get-krusader/release-archive/index.html
  • get-krusader/index.html
  • release/{VERSION}/changelog.txt
  • release/{VERSION}/release_notes.txt

Copy release notes and changelog from NEWS and ChangeLog accordingly.

On the release date

Verify the branch

Starting from version 2.7.1 we release only from the stable branch.

cd krusader && git checkout stable && git pull

Verify that ChangeLog and NEWS update is pushed or push it.

Commit and push version updates

Apply version bump commit and tag it:

VERSION=`cat CMakeLists.txt | grep 'set(VERSION' | awk -F '"' '{print $2; }'`
git tag -a v${VERSION} -m "Tagging krusader-${VERSION}"

Don't push it right away! First edit CMakeLists.txt to change version to development version (for example, for v2.7.1 release put 2.7.2-dev there). Commit. Check everything is good:

git log

Now push with tags:

git push --follow-tags

This way ensures there are no commits in between version bumps.

Create tarball

Update kde-dev-scripts/createtarball/config.ini with

gitTag       = vX.Y.Z
version      = X.Y.Z

and do

cd ../kde-dev-scripts/createtarball/
./create_tarball_kf5.rb -n -a krusader
mv -vi krusader-$VERSION ../..
mv -vi krusader-$VERSION.tar.xz ../..
cd ../../

Test the package

NOTE: corrupted translated documentation can break compiling, do this!
mkdir -v build-${VERSION} && cd build-${VERSION} && cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../install-${VERSION} -DQT_PLUGIN_INSTALL_DIR=../install-${VERSION} ../krusader-${VERSION} && make -j 3 && make install ; cd ..


Go to Help -> About Krusader and verify the version.

Upload the package to a KDE server

curl -T krusader-${VERSION}.tar.xz

Create a Sysadmin Request

Create a new Sysadmin Request asking to publish the package.

sha256sum krusader-${VERSION}.tar.xz

Example task: Krusader v2.7.1 release

Task template:

Dear Sysadmin,

**Package pending for Krusader**

New release for the Krusader project. The package is uploaded to

Desired destination: stable/krusader/{VERSION}
Full link:{VERSION}/krusader-{VERSION}.tar.xz
SHA256: {SHA256}

**Please add this release to the list of Krusader versions on**


We ask them to add versions on Bugzilla since the editcomponents permission is needed. This permission allows to change settings for ALL projects. Therefore only sysadmins can do this and nobody of the Krusader devs.

Update the package checksum in the website change

Earlier, when you create the CR for the website change, you didn't know the hash of the package since you haven't created a package yet. Now you know it, and it's a good time to update it while you wait for response from admins.

Example: v2.7.1 checksum update

Wait for the package to propagate on KDE servers

Once admins upload the package, they will close the ticket. You need to wait until you see some mirrors become available and then you can distribute the package.

Update the Krusader website

Simply push your changes to repository and they'll become available as soon as some recurrent job notices the change and publishes the update. May take from a few minutes to a few hours (sometimes recurrent job is down) - usually it's very quick. If your changes are not deployed in 2 hours, create a sysadmin ticket about it.

Send a letter to mailing lists

Once the website is updated, send a letter to the following mailing lists:


Please get the permission to post ahead of time.

Wrap up

Push createtarball config

The changes you made in kde-dev-scripts needs to be pushed to the master branch.

Example commit for v2.7.1.

Check if bugzilla is updated accordingly

Click here and check if new version is present in the list.

Merge your new version tag to master

Since stable contains changes not present in master (ChangeLog and documentation changes at least), you need to deliver them to the master branch. Merge your vX.Y.Z tag into the branch and resolve conflicts in places where version specified. Keep master version during the conflict resolution.

Example merge for v2.7.1.

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