Publish Filelight in the Microsoft Store
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Fillight will be a useful program on Windows. We should package it and upload it to the KDE Community's account on the Microsoft Store.


  • maintainer/team agrees
  • package is ready
  • some testing has been done
  • icons in 44x44 and 150x150
  • screenshots
  • description
lydia created this task.Sep 2 2018, 2:06 PM
sitter added a comment.Sep 3 2018, 8:59 AM

I love the idea! Do we have a technobase article on how to get stuff into the store? If not, I feel like we should. I currently do not know where to start and am already feeling overwhelmed by the endevour 🙄

lydia added a subscriber: vonreth.Sep 3 2018, 4:59 PM

We only recently got the account so this is all pretty new. @vonreth is looking into getting the first programs up now. So no documentation yet but hopefully later.


I tried the current Filelight build, works nicely in my Win10 VM.

Steps to get this in would be:

  1. get a job that builds release
  2. add needed stuff in the filelight blue print for craft to create appx

Here is a merge request for step 1

For step 2, we need to adapt the stuff in craft-blueprints-kde in like e.g. the matching blueprint

The job is now there:

I would need to add icons in the right sizes.
Normally I would just render the SVG in the right size, but filelight somehow has an SVG that doesn't match the pngs it has in its misc dir.

Which icon to use?

Feel free to update the pngs. I haven't looked but I'm certain the PNGs are ancient icons from before breeze, so go with what breeze has.

Hm, I am not that certain, the SVG looks older and strange, see

I meant the svg from breeze-icons. The one in the repo would be from kde4 or even 3 times.

cullmann closed this task as Resolved.Sep 27 2019, 8:08 PM
cullmann claimed this task.

Filelight is submitted, version taken from

Tested locally in my VM, works ok enough for me.

I blacklisted enough stuff that at least this package is not that large as e.g. Kate and Okular that need the hunspell data.

Should be online in 1-2 days.

kfunk added a subscriber: kfunk.Sep 30 2019, 2:53 PM

This keeps getting better! Great work to all involved!

HiDPI stuff looks broken, but there we need to wait for 19.12, 19.08 just has no code paths for that.