"External" tagging for gwenview and other baloo-enabled apps
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If kphotoalbum could integrate with baloo's semantic capabilities, other applications like gwenview could also benefit from the tagging data, making it more useful.

Task rewritten for clarity. Original task text:

Hi, I'm the maintainer of kphotoalbum.
I'd like to explore how we can make our tagging information available for gwenview...

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Hi, thanks for reaching out.

"External" tagging
our tagging information

Can you define what that entails, both from a user perspective and how/where this is stored? I'm not really sure ATM what you have in mind (I should probably play around with KPhotoAlbum, but I'm backlogged with other stuff currently, sorry!).

Gwenview does not store any metadata on it's own or has any kind of database to keep in sync, it's merely using what's already in the images (e.g. EXIF) or what Baloo provides (although that's not ideal when you want to move your images to a different system now or in 10 years).

We can certainly explore other ways, but please keep in mind that Gwenview is supposed to be a relatively simple viewer, so both UI and implementation should not get much more complex than now.

So far, I'm explicitly vague - I've been sitting with Nate earlier today and he mentioned that gwenview could possibly improve in the use-case "tagging" and suggested that I should just open a task if I'm interested.

KPhotoAlbum does use its own XML database file where it stores all tagging information. I haven't looked at Baloo so far, but I'd guess that syncing our database to Baloo (and hopefully also back into KPhotoAlbum) should not be too hard.

Nate also mentioned that Gwenview is intended as a viewer / basic editor (and it does that really well, if I might say so). KPhotoAlbum is focused on the tagging part. Ideally, nothing really has to change for Gwenview at all…

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