Synchronizer Rework
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Alex, I remember You wanted to do that. So if You still want, feel free to work on it :). If not, I'm going to dive in.

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Hi Martin,
yes, I wanted to work on it and did already some refactoring a year ago but never published it. Now I did a fresh rebase and pushed it to synchronizer/rework. Unfortunately I stopped in the middle of the work and the current state is unfinished and not working.

But at least up to commit ef8f12dd the functionality should not have changed and I'll create a review for this so we can merge it into master. This will already clean and reduce some code.
-> D13007

I'll leave it up to you if you want to continue with the other commits and finish the whole rework or if you want to continue from the working state with ef8f12dd and just fix the bugs. IIRC I came to a point where rethinking the concept was necessary and always postponed this to later:/
And it's unforeseeable when I will have time for it again. So just do what you think is best.

If you need icons let me know

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Hi Martin,

Do you also plan to handle

Please be the first reviewer for D13007, we'll follow your lead. ;)