Synchronizer: Rework
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Authored by abika on May 20 2018, 7:04 PM.


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Synchronizer: Apply clang-format
Synchronizer: Apply style changes to GUI code
Synchronizer: Replace QStrings with QUrl for absolute URL paths
And add checks and documentation for sync with KGet instead of silently doing nothing.
Synchronizer: Create implementation file for SynchronizerFileItem
Synchronizer: Clean SynchronizerGUI file
Synchronizer: Use FileSystem-FileItem in SynchronizerFileItem
Instead of copying and passing every single field multiple times.
Search/FileSystem: Moved and rename Search/KRSearchMod to FileSystem/FileSearcher
Can be used by other components as well.
FileSystem: Extend and optimiz KRQuery
And apply code style fixes.
FileSystem: Extend FileSearcher to be used by other components
Use KRQuery as entity class - not as pointer.
And apply style fixes, as always.
Synchronizer: SynchronizerGUI - Move implementation from header and remove duplicate code
Synchronizer: Renamed exists* methods in SynchronizerFileItem
Synchronizer: Merge duplicate code
Synchronizer: Set more detailed error messages

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abika requested review of this revision.May 20 2018, 7:04 PM
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Please see commit message. If not stated, the functionality/behaviour should not have changed.