Handles, more options buttons and right click menu
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The main idea is using right click as an accelerator to open "more options" menu:

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Looks like we eventually standardized on the following:

  • Drag handle or checkbox is always on the left (and we never have both at once; in practice, we haven't ever even used checkable items)
  • On the desktop, actions are always hidden by default but appear on hover; there is no right-click behavior (it's not needed)
  • On mobile, the handle on the right is touched or dragged to reveal the actions

It all generally works pretty well IMO and I haven't heard any user complaints or fielded any bug reports on them since it's been this way. Is there anything left to do here? Anything more that needs discussion?

@ngraham wouldn't right click a quick alternative way to open the more options menu?

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about the draggable handle: can people actually guess what the button does? Maybe we should us an arrow next to the 3 vertical dots instead of another dot?

@ngraham wouldn't right click a quick alternative way to open the more options menu?

I don't think that right-click is either necessary or any faster, since the actions are already visible when hovering over the list item.

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