Going out to public spaces to promote KDE and its projects
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When promoting KDE to people outside the bubble, going to public spaces and talking directly to the people and showing them our efforts will have quite a big impact.

For this we would definitely need:

  • a few KDE members, at the best with speaking skills of the national language
  • a booth
  • devices to demonstrate the software on
  • permission from the city administration / the owner of the public space
  • a good place where many people pass
  • good weather
  • a good day where many people are at public spaces (in Europe, saturday is quite a good day because most people do not work and the shops are opened)

We could expand the promotion with the following things:

  • uniform KDE t-shirts for the people presenting the community and the software
  • if there are not enough national language-speaking community members we could ask members of the local (GNU/) Linux user group, people from the local hacking space, people from related communities or students either they want to help us
  • flyers and / or cards to give away
  • balloons for the kids and / or the grown-up kids (people walking around with a KDE balloon would further promote KDE without any extra efforts because the ballon is seen by everybody)
  • maybe some other promotion materials like paper bags, pencils, sweets or other things with the KDE logo, the vision and / or the url to the website on it
  • (bootable) cds with KDE Neon or other software to install from
  • somebody who finances the whole activity