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While I was working on D10797 I had some more ideas to improve the review side panel. I'll put them here (sorted by estimated difficulty of implementation), so we can discuss if they are worth implementing.

EDIT: I am also including bugs reported by others

  • Open popup notes when double clicking an entry of the review side panel
  • Auto-expand all tree elements in the side panel when the panel is first shown. (As it happens when group by author, group by page is toggled)
  • Do not collapse tree elements when adding a new annotation Bug 380092
  • (Maybe) Add button to collapse or expand all elements Bug 377024
  • Fix Page and Author tree elements are collapsed at every change of page when "Show revisions for current page only" is selected
  • Show small triangle to point to current page (as it happens in the ToC)
  • Related to the previous. Highlight annotation in the document when its entry is selected in the side panel. Bug 323454
  • Highlight annotation entry in the panel when the annotation in the document is double clicked Bug 328961
  • When the text in the search filter matches an author or page, show the child nodes, i.e. the reviews entry made by that author / on that page
  • (If feasible) Sort review entries (of the same page) in the review side panel according to their Y position in the pdf page.
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"Fix Page and Author tree elements are collapsed at every change of page when "Show revisions for current page only" is selected" is probably the same root cause as " Do not collapse tree elements when adding a new annotation". The proxymodels are not very well coded, basically rebuildIndexes does resetModel all the time, which is very bad.

Indeed I noticed that analyzing the code. I'll try to rewrite the proxies to solve these problems.

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I would like to work on tasks of this list if you don't mind.

If you don't, should we discuss things here first? Or I can just send the diff and you review?

I started the second task and made it work, but I don't know if it's the right approach.

Sending a patch is almost never the wrong choice! :)

If you have a patch, we can see it, but for other things maybe makes sense discussing the ideas before doing the patch to make sure time is not spent in the wrong place

I have a lot of free time as of now, and for the next month. I'm having fun tinkering with the source code, so I try to help as much as I can.

Let me send the diff, see if that's what you have in mind for #2.

I have not even started working on this task, so your help is more than welcome. I agree that may be useful discussing the points before writing too much code. In particular, I think that the architecture of the proxy model should be done properly given that it is the culprit of some points in the list. For me it was not straightforward how to implement it properly.

Elaborating a bit on why I proposed some changes based on my main usage pattern.

One of my usage pattern when using reviews in Okular is to read the reviews my colleagues give me on the scientific papers I've written. To be sure to go through all the reviews I select the first in the reviews side panel and then I proceed to go through all of them in the side panel. Often my colleagues use Adobe pdf viewers (in windows) that insert very small visual notes (tiny arrows that mark "inserted text") that are easy to miss when going through the text. For this reason I prefer going through all the reviews in the side panel to avoid missing some.

Point 1, 7, 10
When I select an entry Okular scrolls to that entry, point 7 would facilitate figuring out what is review in the text and point 1 would make me save the time spent in localizing the review in the text and double clicking it. (Point 10 would avoid me motion sickness. :-) )

Point 2, 3, 5
Given that scientific papers are 1-10 pages most of the time, expanding all the tree elements at the beginning would avoid me to have to open all the parent nodes. In my overall usage pattern I rarely deal with fully annotated books for which auto-expanding all the tree elements may be chaotic. In bug 377024 at least another user would like this feature.

Point 4
Given that the usage pattern of different users may be different from mine, having a button to expand/collapse all elements may make happy everyone.

Point 9
Given that sometimes multiple colleagues comment on the same pdf, this point would make it easier to select the comments of one or the other author, and maybe go through all the reviews of one author first and in a second pass look at the reviews of the other author.

Clearly these are my motivations, and I would to hear your usage patterns as well if you do not agree on some points or if you have better solutions in mind.

Point 2:
If we had the "Expand/Collapse all" elements button, is this still necessary?
You could expand it at your will.

Point 4:
Would there be two different buttons, or just one? If there's only one, how do we change between then? If there's at least one element collapsed, it's expand all?

Point 2:
Probably the collapsed by default (current situation) is ok if there is the button.

Point 4:
Not sure about this. Probably two buttons are better. Maybe they can be placed in the bottom area where the other buttons are, maybe on the right side. What do you think?

On the right side, like this would be good? If it is, I just have to get the right icons for it.
Left one expands, right one collapses all.

Yes, that is what I meant.

I was trying to search what are the correct icons to use for these two actions.

Some possibilities (just the idea):

Not sure what are the correct ones to use, I need to look among the ones shipped by KDE.

Tried some icons that come with KDE. We can't have the arrow down one since it's already used in page.

I prefer the second one, closest I could find in my share folder to the collapse one

Maybe @andreask knows what are the most suitable icons to use.

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