Make Konqueror respect privacy by default or replace by Falcon.
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I am not sure whether this is the right way to add a sub task. So please educate me when I am doing things wrong.

I suggest addressing

[konqueror] [Bug 387549] New: According to panopticlick 3.0 test does not protect against trackers

as a sub task to accomplish this goal. Maybe replacing Konqueror with Falcon may be a solution too, but I bet there are still users that love Konqueror. And even then Falcon needs to respect privacy by default as well. Still that may be better than… still including a browser thats a risk to the users privacy in the future.

I am willing to help test / document. I am not deeply enough into C++ and Qt in order to implement the change.

Hi, just found this task (after the announcement on community list).

ATM the Falkon incubation is still ongoing (and I fail to provide much help there)


Instead of putting any work into Konqueror I would really appreciate all effort going into that.

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