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I think it would be awsome to not only focus the panel (because what to do on multible panels and so on) but create an "plasmoid swticher" overall.

Here my Idea:
pressing an shortcut opens an menu (what represents the containers on the desktop like panels or workspace) and an search box. if you open an submenu you get all "child" plasmoids maybe with some additional information (so plasmoids what are embedded int the container):
[search] (type ahead search for plasmoids)
[Bottom Panel] -> submenu{kicker, window switcher,workspace switcher, Tray -> {TrayIcon1, TrayIcon2}} (whatever is on Top Panel)
[Top Panel] -> submenu{Clock(12:00 AM), Volume(60 %), Network(WIFI: <SSID> signal 50%)}
[Desktop] -> submenu{Weather(Cloudy, 12 degrees), Clock(12:00 AM)..... }(what ever is o desktop)

pressing enter will focus the selected element. or you can enter the settings page from this switcher via an button.

now you can arrow arround in that menu structure an explore what exists or just type an plasmoid name and the search will give you all matches and its locations.

this is for sure not only useful to impaired people but also to powerusers.
This will solve a lot off accessibility focus issues at once and give blind users an overview of the available elements.

what do you think?

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It is hard to imagine this just by text. Is there maybe a way that your comments can be represented graphically? Maybe wireframes?

its not most beautiful ;), but i hope it shows what i think.
I think about to have an shortcut what opens an dialog like in my mockup.
the dialog shows the "plasmoid" structure in an simple tree via submenus.

In the example i navigated to "Bottom Panel" what contains the plasmoids "Kicker", Window List, Network, Clock, Volume.
"Printer" is selected here. Pressing Enter now will bring the focus to "printer" plasmid in "Bottom Panel"

or i can just type "printer" in search box and i get a list with all "printer" plasmoids and its location.

in the mockup i did one more step an show for some plasmoids an additional information (now sure if this works somehow). so i already see the Network SSID or the current Time. (just an idea)

this would bring up an generic solution to focus every element applet on the desktop + users will be able to explore it (what is in case of blind users very needed)

About the additional information: i found the tooltip often shows what is interesting to the user. maybe it can be configurable to append this to the menuentrys. (just an brainstorm)

Hmm, deviating too much from what sighted users see is always a problem because it will not be maintained when the other code changes. The flexibility of plasma is hard here in many ways - we cannot make assumptions what kind of panels there will be etc.
On the other hand I'd really try to get the defaults to work first. So assuming there is one panel, making sure that can be navigated with the keyboard and we can get the relevant information conveyed to blind users would be my starting point.

Gnome has the Accessibility Switcher for this (CTRL + ALT + TAB) it toggles between the Panels and the Desktop Area.

Just thought about something like that, but not only for panels but for all plasmoids.
I assume its not enough here to set an shortcut to focus the panel (how to handle multipanel layouts). But sure, even better than nothing.

I agree we should not create solutions for Accessibility only (needs maintenance and stuff), but maybe this could be something where sighted users can profit as well in case of keyboard navigation?

The flexibility of plasma is hard here in many ways - we cannot make assumptions what kind of panels there will be etc.

so there is no API to access running Plasmoids an its position?

Another idea, what about imagine the desktop as a "big window" and "just" make Tab (focus next control) or ctrl + Tab (focus next panel) chain working here. just like in an normal window.
Would be natural (and consistent) as well and you could just use tab to cycle the plasmoids.

@davidedmundson any progress on this? Where would we in general do this? I think adding a keyboard shortcut to cycle the focus through panels might be a good idea.