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Application which allows to send/recieve and view the SMS, Currently we have a spacebar project which was intended to be used as the SMS application for Plasma Mobile.

However spacebar application used the non-merged branch of the ktp-common-internals:

The API changes in the branch are not yet reviewed and are incompatible with the current applets in ktp-text-ui and telepathy plasmoid. Also, upstream TelepathyIM is going through API change in this area, which makes spacebar client incompatible possibly.

There will be some time before we can use the newer TelepathyIM API, or fix and merge the ktp-common-internals branch. So workaround at the moment is to use the ofono dbus API directly to send and recieve SMS. In addition KDE Connect project members are also developing the Kirigami based SMS client which communicates with android API, See if we can re-use it and integrate the ofono API with it.

Knowledge Requirements: Willing to learn Qt/QML, CMake, DBus, ofono.

System Requirements: You can test this application in emulated environment using ofono-phonesim, or on actual mobile device running Plasma Mobile

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Anyone who is interested in moving forward the KDE Connect approach can talk to me or @sredman about it

Would it be possible to build something directly on libqofono? It seems to have a QML api.

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Since we have spacebar, more or less, let's close this, and report new bugs in separate task.

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