Ascending order activity
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Description: The activity is focused on arranging a given set of numbers in ascending order.

Pre-requisites: Basic maths

Goal: Learn how to arrange few numbers in a given order


Manual: Few tiles containing numbers as their labels are provided. They can be dragged and dropped using any pointing device to another location to change their position. In this way, arrange the tiles in the increasing order of the numbers present as their labels.


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can i work on this activity as my sok project

What is left to complete in this activity, can someone let me know so that i may complete it.

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Sorry for delay.

  • Renaming the activities to Ordering numbers, Ordering letters.

If possible we want to have the elements ordered inside the json file. This way, we can add a new mode with images (for example, containing a number of butterflies to order).

  • Randomly generate the level, and use the ordering of the json file instead of a specific function.
  • In the dataset, we'll probably have bigger words/number than 1000. They need to be correctly displayed (not going other their boxes).
  • Add a words mode (probably using the dataset from lang/words activity).
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When I reduce the window size, numbers are disappearing (see level 3). They should be reordered on a lower line.