Many duplicates apps
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KDE already have a many apps and some have the same features, for beginners it’s hard to choose the best app or app that frequently updated, because some apps already is not supported.

Web Browsers:

  • Falkon
  • Konqueror

Music Players:

  • Elisa
  • JuK
  • Amarok

Media Player:

  • Kaffeine
  • KMPlayer
  • Dragon Player?


  • Kamoso
  • Plasma Camera


  • KMyMoney
  • Skrooge

Package Managers:

  • Apper
  • Muon Package Manager
  • Discover

File Managers:

  • Dolphin
  • Krusader

Text Editors:

  • Kate
  • KWrite


  • KEuroCalc - Krunner is have the currency converter feature.
  • Kontact - It's app with features from some other apps like KMail, KAddressBook, KOrganizer, etc.

I think it's not all, it's only that i found.

ngraham added a subscriber: ngraham.Fri, Feb 7, 6:35 PM

Konqueror and Amarok are unmaintained.

DragonPlayer and KMPlayer seem to be on life support, nearly unmaintained.

Apper, Muon, and Dolphin are each used for different things.

Dolphin and Krusader target different users (normal user/expert user).

It's the same with KWrite.

It seems like the issue here, if any, is that these apps don't make their intended audience and features obvious enough on

Fuchs added a subscriber: Fuchs.EditedFri, Feb 7, 6:37 PM

Kate and Kwrite use, as far as I am aware, the same kpart, so they already are sort of merged. It makes sense to have a simple text editor to edit text files (kwrite), and a feature rich one for developers (kate)

Kontact is just a shell around kmail, korganizer etc. Some note-taking / todo apps seem to be duplicated though, but whatever surivves needs to integrate into kontact, imho.

Juk is more music management than music player.

Konqueror is basically a shell for kparts and not (just) a webbrowser.

Krusader and Dolphin are entirely different kind of file managers, and as per Telegram, on merging them, "I'd rather not bloat up our default file manager with features targetting mainly a certain group of powerusers"

On the rest I can't comment much, but as I wrote in the Telegram group:

"the question is whether all of these need to be listed on the kde page, but at very least for those targetting different user groups I think it makes sense to show that we have both." It's in my opinion up to distributions to install only a sane default (probably: the one less targetted at power users) and I think it's fine if we list alternatives that might appease different user groups or work flows, and it might not always make sense to merge them as that would most likely clutter the application up a lot.

davidre added a subscriber: davidre.Fri, Feb 7, 6:56 PM

As I said on Telegram, consistency is not merging two on the outside similar looking things. It's making our software look and behave in similar ways like having reusable components and solutions or the most common elements (hello Frameworks!). The same is true for KParts using this technology we can build applications that all serve their specific purpose but have the same look and behavior of their core part (for example Konsole and Yakuake). Of course you could merge all these apps but that way you end up with behemoths of apps with giant codebases and complicated configuration options to support all possible use cases with code that is overly complex and brittle because of said options.