Qt 5.14
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There seems to be a number of things needing changes to work with Qt 5.14, from a preliminary review this includes:

  • Update Docker image to Qt 5.14
  • deployment-file.json.in: add architectures: instead of target-architecture: key
  • androiddeployqt assumes binary files have an architecture suffix now
  • deployment-file.json.in: STL parameter changed format
  • deployment-file.json.in: toolchain prefix is hardcoded to llvm in 5.14, and androiddeployqt assumes that now; toolchain-version field is no longer used
  • AndroidManifest.xml template changes: need to be deployed to all apps...
  • with the above hacked in locally Kirigami applications fail to load QML files at startup, possibly due to changes in how QML assets are bundled now


vkrause created this task.Jan 10 2020, 5:40 PM
vkrause triaged this task as Normal priority.

As there seems to be little documentation about those changes, the following Qt git revisions are relevant:

  • c8b07f7da3ff55f92378a1e98522f318bbc43077 (qtbase)
  • 5bb178c479a247720fbc3fbb7f06a32b725193ac (qtbase)
  • 670fdcc3f23493bc039a2676ce69892cc152dc6b (qtdeclarative)