Qt 5.14
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There seems to be a number of things needing changes to work with Qt 5.14, from a preliminary review this includes:

  • Update Docker image to Qt 5.14
  • deployment-file.json.in: add architectures: instead of target-architecture: key
  • androiddeployqt assumes binary files have an architecture suffix now
  • deployment-file.json.in: STL parameter changed format
  • deployment-file.json.in: toolchain prefix is hardcoded to llvm in 5.14, and androiddeployqt assumes that now; toolchain-version field is no longer used
  • AndroidManifest.xml template changes: need to be deployed to all apps...
  • Kirigami applications fail to load QML files at startup, due to changes in how QML assets are bundled now
  • Kirigami icon loading needs to be adjusted to either use android_rcc_bundle.rcc or assets:/
  • KNotifications aar generation needs porting
  • ki18n catalog loading relies on assets being available in the local file system, that's no longer the case; direct use of assets: or qrc: URLs wont work with libintl.
  • ECM QM catalog loading has a similar issue, but is easier to fix as QTranslator supports qrc/assets URLs.
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As there seems to be little documentation about those changes, the following Qt git revisions are relevant:

  • c8b07f7da3ff55f92378a1e98522f318bbc43077 (qtbase)
  • 5bb178c479a247720fbc3fbb7f06a32b725193ac (qtbase)
  • 670fdcc3f23493bc039a2676ce69892cc152dc6b (qtdeclarative)
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