Make Calindori a possible successor for Korganizer
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Calindori is a Kirigami based calendar under development, mostly for the plasma mobile project. Since Kirigami is aiming for convergence, it should be possible to use Calindori on desktop as well. Making Calindori feature-even with Korganizer could make it a possible successor.

Currently missing is:

  • Akonadi suppor through plugin
  • ... (anything else?)
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Features missing from Calindori:

  • Need to be embeddable in Kontact with working toolbar buttons
  • Need a day view, week view, month view and timeline view
  • Event manipulation: Drag and drop event to change time, resize event to change duration, ...
  • Support all the metadata (rich text comment, attendees list, resources, reminder, recurrence, attachments)
  • Support to-dos and journal entries
  • ...

-> A lot of things are missing in Calindori to have a feature-rich calendar application

Maybe instead we should investigate about integrating the Kube calendar view into Korganizer and Calindori.