Rethink Lock, Login and Logout Screen's Color Modularity
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The lock, login and logout screens are coded in such a way that they utilize the complementary colors of a particular color scheme.

Breeze and Breeze Dark have been adjusted to work normally under this condition. Normally = white text and a dimmed background in both cases.

It is still, however, possible to get alternative colors with some desktop themes and color schemes.

This results in black text and the wallpaper being brightened instead of dimmed.

The end result is not very attractive, particulary in the case of the lock and login screens:


A usability issue also presents itself in the sense that we can't (shouldn't) put shadows behind black text (see D24997)

It also seems this modularity feature is not that modular. From my testing, text is always either white or black, and not some custom color.

filipf created this task.Oct 28 2019, 9:49 PM
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To repeat my relevant comment from D24997:

If the lock and login screens are able to display arbitrary text colors from the user's color scheme, we will never be rid of these kinds of problems. I see two practical solutions:

  • Hardcode white as the text color and black as the shadow color and don't respect the color scheme
  • Tweak the ui yet again (ugh) to replace the text shadows with rounded rectangles using a contrasting color from the color scheme

Otherwise we will be playing whack-a-mole forever, and will have to live with really ugly results for many cases (e.g. the case where the blurred wallpaper becomes lightened and the text is dark).

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I agree with Nate.