Plasma 5.17 Release
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5.16.90 Beta Thu 2019-09-19 Thu 2019-09-19 (same day)
5.17.0 Release Thu 2019-10-10 Tue 2019-10-15

Announcement to be written the start of week of Beta and essentially unaltered for final.

Contributions welcome. Must be done in the required PHP/HTML syntax.

Announcement to be coordinated on Plasma mailing list and Matrix channel.

KonqiDragon added a subscriber: KonqiDragon.EditedSep 17 2019, 12:16 PM

There is the old icon, now there a monochrome icon.

I think need to make a screenshot with new Trash Icon and new Notifications icon.

it reverted back to the large colour one on a standard panel size in 5.17

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The conversation about the Show Deskttop icon's coloration is continuing in D22359

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Is there something more we want to use this task for?

Releasing Plasma 5.17

Oh boy, major brain fart here. :/ Sorry for the noise.

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