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From trying the Android version at the sprint.

  • The S-Pen has the same issue that old graphire 3 tablets have: it just doesn't have enough events to show smooth lines. By default Krita is set to basic_smoothing, so as long as this is on, no segmented lines appear. 'none' however does give better control, especially regarding line ends.
  • I had to turn off the brush outline. For some reason it sticks to the last point the tablet has pressed.
  • Having kinetic scrolling on by default would work really well for android.
  • Several menus, like the new document, brush settings and configure Krita menu definitely need to be converted to something more tablet friendly.
  • We should ship a portrait workspace, and let users select a workspace for portrait and landsape, that Krita switches between when the orientation changes.
  • Text input on layer names doesn't work. It does work in the text tool.
  • Random labels seem to be selectable on the tablet.
  • For some reason, the S-Pen is slow and not as accurate as finger input on UI elements.
  • The rotation and zoom/panning is a little bit too sensitive. It seems to pan more than the motion that is given. This is something I also notice on desktop.
  • we should allow 'snapping' to 0° rotation. Resetting rotation is really complex right now.
  • The curves in the brush editor and adjustment curves cannot be edited precisely by either finger or stylus.
  • The brush editor locks up when you edit a brush. I think this is caused by the live preview being too heavy.
  • Autosave might be too heavy, and we should proly offer the option to have it lock up instead.
  • Krita can sometimes not tell when a touch-stroke has ended. This lead to the stylus locking up everything. I have noticed this on the desktop as well.
  • We will need to rework things like the pop-up palette and colorpicking. While in the past the s-pen could be high-jacked(I remember configuring it for clover paint), it doesn't seem to be possible to set it to anything else but samsung's 'productivity tools. Maybe we need some kind of sticky-key buttons to press when we want to color pick or something.
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Another thing to add is maybe we can combine the on-canvas message for canvas zooming and rotation. Since two fingers does both rotate and zoom, it is hard to tell what the zoom level is as you are using two fingers.

Maybe we can have a tablet toolbar for Android. The brush blending mode on the toolbar takes up a lot of space. Things like the brush size and mirror tool would probably be used more than those.

The "more" icon on the very right of the toolbar is really hard to press because of how small it is. I wonder if we could make that minimum size a bit bigger so it is easier to click and see the remaining toolbar options.

We will need to rework things like the pop-up palette and colorpicking.

We can may be have a on screen button ( a circular translucent button like they have on apple and samsung mobile devices) to trigger right click pop-up palette and color can be selected from it.

Hello and thanks @woltherav

I have questions about several of them. But I will take it one at a time.

What do you mean by?

Autosave might be too heavy, and we should proly offer the option to have it lock up instead.

Lock it up as in doing it synchronously?