Decide on the icon to use for
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Currently, is showing official icon for Konsole.

On the other hand, Plasma uses by default the Breeze icon for Konsole. That same icon is also used in the screenshots themselves in the same website. The Breeze icon is generally more recognizable, especially to recent users, and maybe could create a stronger brand. Also, since Plasma is using Breeze as default theme, I think this icons feels more Plasma-related.

Which icon do you think should website use?

ognarb added a subscriber: ognarb.Jun 22 2019, 9:48 PM

Note, when I rewrote the Konsole website, I preferred not changing the icon, because this is up to the Konsole maintainers to decide.

Also, I want to note that there is a task proposing to change the Konsole Breeze icon T10243. So it would be best to know if the breeze icon will be updated or not, so that we don't change the icon twice.

I personally would love for the Konsole icon to look like an updated, Breezefied version of the Oxygen icon.

I"m fine w/ the Breeze icon; if/when they update the icon we can change it again.

Ok nice to know, I will change it ;)

zachus added a subscriber: zachus.Dec 16 2019, 12:58 PM

The Breeze icon is generally more recognizable.

WHAT? how can anyone decipher what a cryptic ">" meaning of course "greater than" , stands for ?

Absolutely the old icon has more explanatory value and is way better. NEWER is WORSE here again. neophytes are often wrong actually!