Qt 5.12 for plasma master
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Plasma 5.16 (3 months from now) will depend on Qt5.12

CI seems to still have Qt5.11 on the SuSE build system.
No urgent rush.

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Adding maintainers of our SUSE images and FreeBSD systems.

@fvogt / @lbeltrame I assume OpenSUSE will have Qt 5.12 packages available already and we'll just need to setup the image much like we've done for the existing Qt 5.9 / 5.10 / 5.11 images? Having to carry 4 sets of images will be a bit of a pain, but not the end of the world (and 5.9 should be gone soon anyway I think?)

@tcberner / @adridg How easy is this going to be to satisfy on the FreeBSD side of things?

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FreeBSD already has 5.12 on CI

mfg Tobias

You can add the KDE:Qt:5.12 repository in the exact same fashion as before for the openSUSE images. It's been ready for a while.

Thanks. Most of the preparation for this is now completed - i'm currently waiting on the Docker image to be built.

We've had Qt 5.12 packaged and available since the first alpha and started to build KDE software against the second alpha - would it be possible to do it similarly in the KDE CI?
Starting to build also against pre-release Qt would be helpful as currently KDE CI is lagging behind what rolling release distros actually ship and it might help preventing some issues.

Using those images in a kind of "staging area" would be ideal, but I don't know what the possibilities there are.

The CI system breaks everything down into what we call a "platform", which is essentially a set of builders with a certain configuration (OS, Qt version).
These are the "SUSEQt5.10", "SUSEQt5.11", "SUSEQt5.12", "AndroidQt5.11", "FreeBSDQt5.12" and "WindowsQt5.11" names you'll see on jobs on the CI system.

When defining what jobs we want a project to have, we get the option of specifying what platforms it should be built on.
This is done in the product-definitions.yaml file (at https://invent.kde.org/sysadmin/ci-tooling/blob/master/local-metadata/product-definitions.yaml)

So theoretically, yes, the CI system could start to do builds against very alpha versions of Qt (once SUSE starts packaging said version of Qt of course)
The only limitation would be actual processing power.

That was fast. Thanks guys