SMS App messages should be interact-able
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  • URLs in messages should be click-able with some visual cue that it is a URL (underlined and in a different colour would be the usual cue)
  • Text in messages should be selectable for copying to the clipboard
    • This is trickier than it seems because we ALSO need to be able to scroll the view by swiping (on a touchscreen) or clicking and dragging (with a mouse)
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Glad to take this one.

I've finally built the sms app on the branch smslayout, but it seems not to be the code up-to-date. Where can I get the newest of sms app ?

And for its implementation, we could just morph the type of QLabel to rich text, all the tag validated will be rendered with style. But the problem is also the complete render of styles, because of some potential tags in a sms which we shouldn't render.
Another possible implementation is that we could pick the link and make some other clickable elements to display it.

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You want to build it from master. To include the SMS app pass -DSMSAPP_ENABLED=On when invoking cmake

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