Global menu bar for the workspace (Plasma)

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alex-l, Feb 29 2016

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Concept of a global menu bar for Plasma's workspace (not for the current application)

This is just an idea, no working code available.

This plasmoid will be put in a panel on the top side of the screen, providing menu for managing the workspace, windows, activities and sessions.


  • a lot of screens have more horizontal space and many users use a very long panel to take advantage of it
  • users ask for global menu bar for the current application, but it won't be available until Plasma 5.7 or 5.8. This one could be a replacement and help in studying the global menu component from UX and tech points of view
  • when global menu for current app will be available, it could be used also together with this global menu for workspace
  • very important: to show to new users hidden features of Plasma (this doesn't mean this plasmoid should be shipped by default...). These features include managing windows, activities and sessions

The currently proposed entries:

  • Applications
    • categories of installed apps
    • favorite apps
    • recent apps
    • recently installed apps
  • Places
    • places shown in Dolphin's panel: home, mounted drives etc
  • Activities
    • list of available activities (to switch between them)
    • new activity
    • manage activities (show the activities side bar)
    • linked to this activity (start Dolphin to show files linked to the current activity)
  • Window (or Windows?)
    • controls of the current window: close, maximize, minimize, keep above/under, hide decorations
    • entries to place windows vertically, horizontally...
    • all windows (start the effect to show windows of all desktops and activities)
    • windows on this activity
    • windows on this desktop
    • minimize all (show desktop)
    • close all
  • Session
    • logout
    • new session
    • reboot
    • shutdown
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