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This is taking a combination of the requirements that dmitry wrote up, and the existing mockups the confifu did

scottpetrovic created Storyboard docker.Mar 24 2020, 1:56 PM

This looks great. It de-clutters the UI and lets the user focus on the content.

Hi, @scottpetrovic!

The mockup looks really nice! It fits the requirements. Although we should also think about the following usecases:

  1. Since the "storyboard items" should be paintable, it would be nice to have a switch between "locked mode" (when painting is not allowed) and "drafting mode" (when the user can paint on any frame).
  1. It might be nice to have some really limited GUI for this painting, like we have in a scratchpad in the brush editor. I'm not sure about this list, better ask painters. I guess only "clear frame" is mandatory, others are optional.
    • brush/eraser switch (?)
    • a couple of predefined brush sizes (?)
    • clear frame
    • copy image from previous frame
  1. It might be nice to have a GUI for mass-editing metadata of the frames (requirement 3.3, optional). Right now it is impossible, because to edit metadata of a each frame one should enter a modal dialog. See how it is done in other software (screenshot is from this video):

Inline Comments

This thing should be a slider I guess.

I think there should also be an option for using "frames" as duration unit

I like it, it looks really clean and being able to arrange into different views is a nice touch.

Inline Comments

I think it would be nice to have duration as two integer fields: "Duration: [Seconds] + [Frames]". This would allow people to use seconds, frames, or both.

Ref: Hayao Miyazaki storyboards timed in seconds only.

Ref: Satoshi Kon storyboards timed in seconds+frames.

Ref: Kazuya Tsurumaki storyboards timed in seconds+frames.

Ref: Mamoru Hosoda storyboards timed in seconds+frames.

The new layout option looks really nice and seem to resolve the mass-annotation requirement.