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This is a set of mockups for the improvement of the Moving, Resizing and Layouts handling of windows in Kwin.
Core is the ideal that Kwin needs to release the window content from being interacted with and let Kwin hijack all input temporarily for the express purpose of resizing or moving the window with keyboard shortcuts.

Secondary is a simplistic tiling layout per desktop, and how that would handle the different inputs (Move/Resize/New Window) and how that compares to Stacking styled layouts and differentiates compared to Manual Tiling.

jensreuterberg created Resize, Move, Tile and Handle Windows.Mar 4 2020, 10:31 AM
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Added to ensure I remember - should Kwin default to Meta/Windows/Command instead of Alt for all window controls? Considering how many applications (common ones like Firefox and more niche like Blender) use Alt extensively clashing with Kwin - it may be a good path to take but of course there may be technical reasons why its default to "Alt".

ngraham added a subscriber: ngraham.Mar 4 2020, 6:55 PM

Added to ensure I remember - should Kwin default to Meta/Windows/Command instead of Alt for all window controls

Yes we've discussed this in the past and generally agreed that all global shortcuts should include the Meta key, with some exceptions due to longstanding tradition/user familiarity (e.g. Alt+Tab)

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I'm in favor of revisiting that decision. It seems like a violation of the "window manager shouldn't break apps" principle. Yes in theory any modifier *could* break any app, but in *practice* the modifier that we're already setting *is* breaking apps. IMO it would be worth changing to the Meta key, both to avoid breaking apps and also to be more consistent with the general "Meta key is used got global/window manager actions" principle.

ndavis added a subscriber: ndavis.Mar 14 2020, 5:07 PM

+1 to defaulting to Meta instead of Alt for moving windows. Alt is incompatible with important software and the feature isn't discoverable except for when it's unwanted, usually by people who are using Blender, Krita or some other complicated app that's usually for creative work. Making existing users learn to use a different key in a slightly different location is much less worse than making users have to figure out what the feature is and where it can be changed in order for their software to be fully usable. Most app developers avoid using the Meta/Super/Windows key, so it makes sense to use it for shell/global/window manager features.

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@ognarb for reasons I don't fully understand, only one of KWin and Plasma can be tagged.

KWin people, is that something we could discuss?

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