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Design and direction for the learning section. This will include everything that the current learning area does on, but will also include the user manual.

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will this lead to the tutorials page now we have on site. the page with links to videos?

This looks good to me.

Small request:
please please please make sure that the media wiki native classes are styled. That means if I type in:


I actually get an image that is aligned to the right. Please do not do what you did with the main homepage were every image is aligned to the left.

Two, there's notes, tips, info, warning asides on the userbase wiki. We'll need to find a good way to port these(might be easier than it looks, but still needs to be done)

We'll also need to think what to do with major and minor version changes. Some wikis have footnotes, others full namespaces. Right now we're inlining it into the text.

@kamathraghavendra: Everything in the learning section will go in now, like the left navigation shows. The current content on will be moved. I can set up redirects.

@woltherav: If adding a 'right' attribute to mediawiki doesn't work, that is a bug in mediawiki, not something I would be able to change. I am not sure what you mean by the main homepage images are aligning to the left on The only image that is really aligned is the ImagineFX cover and that is to the right. I am probably not understanding what you are saying.

It would be nice to have a consistent style and feel throughout all of the pages on and That it my only opinion on alignment.

For the major/minor versions, do you mean adding a note when the features were added. Do we want to have to worry about dealing with multiple versions of the manual? (2.9 Manual, 3.0 Manuall, etc) I personally think one version is difficult enough to maintain. My personal preference would be to only have a footnote (or just a note) describing when a feature was added.

After spending a bit of time, I didn't realize we also have two different manuals on the userbase. I am guessing we want to simplify it and have one on


The first one has a bit more outdated content, so we might want to take more care when consolidating and organizing the one on

It's not really two different manuals, it's just that the first was a generic introduction page that got outdated, and can be 99% removed.(Valerie's tutorial should go to the tutiral page on the new website)

Yes, I think we aren't on the same page. But I am not going to bother with it any further.

Hi, all!

Just my two cents:

  1. We need a centralized storage of known video tutorials (just links to youtube with a short description)
  2. We need a kind of 'landing page' for people who start Krita for the first time, where we could point people. It should tell about the most basic concepts and shortcuts. E.g. about *-Space gestures, Shift+gesture and etc.