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This is a more minor re-arrangement of the tool options for the transform tool. It is a bit bigger than it probably needs to be. There are a couple options as well that I am not sure if we need (or need to be renamed).

The main goal for me is to make ths options widget have a smaller width, and also be a little more organized.

scottpetrovic created Transform Tool Options UI re-arrange.May 16 2018, 1:00 PM
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I like the new layout you propose here. It is much more cleaner!
I added "Inline Comments" under about the two buttons on the footer.


Inline Comments

The recursive icon button (Spider)
I don't even know the difference with it unchecked. I tried to create shapes in a group, with subgroup. With or without it is always recursive when transforming on a group. And that's fine. This icon is probably optional.

The reset button (reseting the widget to a bounding box)
I use it when applying multiple transformations. It's good after a mirroring/rotation to have the possibility to get it back to "normal" with this buttons.