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A design edit to show the user the telemetry options in Calamares

jensreuterberg created Calamares Telemetry Page Design suggestion.Nov 21 2017, 1:21 PM
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I would like to share some suggestions:

I would prefer the word "feedback" over "tracking". Tracking has a negative connotation, maybe something we are not even doing. Feedback seems more positive, helpful. Instead of Install Tracking, use

Install feedback agent, Feedback, etc.

Maybe we could also shrink the text in the selections:

  1. Do not share any information about your system.
  1. Share your information about installation and hardware only once.
  1. Share your information periodically (What is periodically?) to help us provide you with a better product.
  1. Share your information regularly (What is regularly?) to help us provide you with a better product.

The colors, icons and font, looks beautiful! Keep them!

There's a bit of a background here -- and thanks, Jens, for mocking something up and thanks Andy for thinking along on the actual text. Calamares is used by various distro's. Some want it to phone home at the end of installation. Some, like Debian derivatives, have the Debian machine-tracking stuff which can be enabled/disabled. Some could enable KDE's User Tracking stuff that Volker was working on over the summer. So there are quite some technical differences between the options -- we can hide all that in the descriptions (behind the ? button) I suppose. I use "tracking" because that's the kind of scary word *I* want to see, encouraging me to turn it off -- I can totally understand using a more friendly word on the distro's side, who want people to turn it *on*.

I'm going to ungraciously rip the icons out of this mock, slap 'em in Calamares and post a screenie of the actual implementation.

Here's what it looks like in the implementation.

  • icons cut out of the mockup using kolourpaint
  • I've dropped the title at the top of the page -- no other Calamares page has it, and it says "Feedback" over on the left anyway
  • Kept the longer text on each option, but switched "tracking" to "feedback", per Andy's suggestion
apol added a subscriber: apol.Nov 22 2017, 2:25 PM

@adridg the icons you can find them in breeze: dialog-error, dialog-warning, dialog-question and dialog-information