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This is going to be a somewhat high level brainstorming of our donations area on

Right now our donations area is mostly one page. I think we can break things out better and do a better job of communicating and selling ourselves. We also now have paypal data that we can access on the site. We can show a fancy progress bar and donation amounts. I think subscription data.

These mockups are to help decide what direction we want our donating to go in, and how want to communicate to people.

scottpetrovic created Direction for donation/subscriptions on 24 2017, 10:35 AM
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It looks great. The text needs some editing, though. For instance, we shouldn't link the foundation to development contracting at any time: inquiries about that should go to

Nice design @scottpetrovic. Thank you for creating the mocks.

About sponsorship I think sponsors have an additional benefit of their logo appearing on the website.

kamathraghavendra added inline comment(s).Aug 24 2017, 1:41 PM
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Just my opinion, will this look good if it is left aligned like the donate section above it.

Also we might want to have a specification (i.e. standard dimensions for the logo images), just so that it stays consistent, some companies or sponsors may have crazy logo, so it will be good to have this rule and communicate it before hand.

note to add a label to the overview page that specifies "one time donation" by the donation amount. That way it is more clear what it is

note to make it more clear in the subscription page that this is a monthly plan. The day that the money will be taken out will be whenever they started the subscription

"Is there a minimum amount we want to specify for bug fixes and features. Someone doesn't send an email wanting a bug fixed for $10"

Either this is worded incorrectly or sounds smart-assed. I understand the point, ... should be worded more carefully.
... Did you mean If(replacing is) and a comma(replacing the period)? It reads like a question without correct punct.

'If there a minimum amount we need/estimate to specify for bug fixes and features, someone shouldn't send an email wanting a bug fixed for $10.'
Needs are more powerful than wants. Don't ever demand or want, this throws one-off donations off.
Used to donations for the VFW. The worst thing you could do is reject a one-off donation of $10 even tho the suggested(donation) and pickup would be about $20 to break. This applies for individuals and corporations. It is the same as saying "your money isn't green enough".

If work is desired, but not from the foundation volunteers, etc.... is a choice. Make it suggestive a "familiar with the code-base" foundation person would be the right choice for most.

@Metallicow - FYI things in green are comments that need discussion. It is not wording that is being used.

If someone is using this contract page, they are thinking that they are going to have a bug fixed or feature added with their money. As I understand it now, contract work is NOT a donation. It is taxable and follows a different set of rules.

Based off what I know, a lot of people have no idea how much it costs to fix bugs or add features. The idea is that it might be good to have some rough numbers on this page so people know how much contracting work actually costs before sending an email to boud with requests.

These pages are completely separate from what volunteers are doing. Volunteers can work on whatever they want as they aren't being paid. Volunteers can ignore everything in the bug tracker and add a completely different thing if they want to.

@scottpetrovic - Sorry did not notice you stated that anywhere about green being comments. That is fine then.

When we did volunteer work for the VFW there where "perks" as volunteers used their vehicles, gas, time and such and certain "donations", even tho they where done on a commission basis initially, got through, depending on what the "service" was. Example: Auto parts stores would donate gift cards for wear and tear parts for the volunteers. The "donation" still went thru uncle sam first and he got his cut, sometimes it differed depending on what the situation was. so as far as a contractual/verbal agreement, there was no difference between us buying flags wholesale from the flag vendor, and then using them as "donation" items. Weather it be $5000 for a corp or $100 from an individual we got, we still hung the flag if they wanted us to do so, but the basic costs stayed the same. I also understand that for bugs, depending on the type of knowledge required, will vary between coder to coder, and one may demand more pay as the other does not, but this does not relect quality of the resulting code, so, yes this is a hard case many times.

@scottpetrovic - Also, I'm not sure where you are from, but I'm in the USA, so taxes and non-profits and such are different in the Netherlands than here. Boud, being the project maintainer could best answer these questions as I am not a local.

after the feedback I got and some updated text from boud, I went ahead and made some updates to the live pages. I added the extra pages and did all the programming stuff needed to pull the data. You can see it all here.

Any other ideas or changes to this?

rempt added a comment.Sep 10 2017, 5:21 PM

I'd remove both the mis-spelled "colleced" and the "collected" from the numbers box -- the word is not necessary.

@rempt: good catch. updated