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Authored by amankumargupta on Sep 3 2017, 3:28 PM.



To prevent overriding of Images over the text in the above row, i've placed the clouds over the images and made it semi-transparent.

Test Plan

Clicked the images in different rows belonging to the same column.
Tested for different screen sizes by resizing.
Images do not overlap the text image the above row.

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R2 GCompris
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Sorry but with this patch the images are really small for mobile phones like mine, this is not that readable anymore.
Could you do the following?
Keep the same size as before, put the image as a lower z order than the text above, and apply a semi transparent color to the cloud. This would be great!
Thanks :)

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Moved the cloud over the images and made it semi-transparent.

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Moved textItem outside of cardImage to cardItem, to make it independent of the cloud's opacity. If hadn't been done so, to view the images clearly, opacity of the clouds needed to be low, and thus the text's opacity had been low as well making it difficult to read. The same goes for vise-versa, when the opacity of the clouds were increased to make text more readable, the pictures were not visible clearly.
hence, only option that came to my mind was to remove textItem as a child of the clouds thus making their opacity independent.

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  1. I have this qrc:/gcompris/src/activities/letter-in-word/Card.qml:44:5: QML Image: Binding loop detected for property "sourceSize.height"
  2. The text should fit in one line http://picpaste.com/Screenshot_20170910_151834-UzNi1eMi.png example strawberry "y" is in next line
  3. The images can be increased in size? (in some cases the images are so small that the text completely is above it)

I don't think we need to decrease any image in size.
For me we should keep the game as it is in version 0.80 and do a very simple change.
Here is how it is at the moment
Here is how I think it should look like.
I did not see the code in details but for me this is just a z order change.
The game was already quite nicely designed for small screen. I am not sure you have to apply more change than this one.
What do you think?

I discussed with Johnny about the application.
The way we think it should be is the following.

  • Finding the right size of the image to dispatch the images on the totality of the screen available,
  • Images and text should not overlap.
  • Using flow to dispatch the images


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I think this one can be dropped as the corresponding task has been closed as fixed.

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