Fix Notifications in Plasmoid

Authored by nicolasfella on Aug 8 2017, 7:39 PM.



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Receive a notification with a previously unknown icon -> icon in Plasmoid is displayed correctly
Receive a notification with an already existing id -> notification in Plasmoid is updated

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I'd say it's fine to keep these debug statements. They're showing an error after all and debug is very easy to filter out.


Can you elaborate on this? I'm not sure where it's from, maybe needs a comment?

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These produce a lot of output which seems to be false alarms


I found this commented out in the code. The goal is to remove the notification from the plasmoid without deleting the noti object because we still want to use it

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Please avoid a Boolean trap, use an enum of some sort instead. If you see a removeNotification("foo", false) you cannot tell at a glance what false means.

Use enum instead of bool

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Use full names, camel-cased:
KeepNotification, DestroyNotification

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This change was overridden by D7312. I discovered that when observing a bug I fixed months ago :D

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Why is it needed to remove and re-add the notification instead of just calling update?

Why is it needed to remove and re-add the notification instead of just calling update?

Because otherwise the plasmoid won't be updated

Isn't there something that we can emit so the model knows the data has been updated? @apol master of Qt models, do you know a solution to this problem?

Don't crash when the icon cannot be transferred.