[WIP] mostly implements display of all tracks from an artist

Authored by mgallien on Sun, Oct 6, 3:28 PM.


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add a new item in the display of all albums from an artist, a way to get all its tracks

should be improved visually speaking (a dedicated icon, a combination of the tracks cover, ...)

please provide feedback

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No need to hurry, I had started that a long time ago.

Mostly interested on feedback about the idea.

ngraham requested changes to this revision.Sun, Oct 6, 4:11 PM

Conceptually there's now some duplication because there are two ways to view or add or play all of the tracks for all of the artist's albums: you can use either the toolbar buttons, or you can use the "All Tracks" item. It feels a bit messy IMO. I might recommend removing the hover buttons from the "All Tracks" item to address this.

Specific issues encountered while testing:

  1. The "Play Now" and "Add to Playlist" buttons in the toolbar crash Elisa when clicked and the "All Tracks" item is visible in the grid below
  2. The "Play Now" and "Add to Playlist" buttons for the new "All Tracks" item crash Elisa when clicked
  3. When in the "All Tracks" view, there needs to be a back button to leave it
  4. This item should always be sorted first, or else albums that begin with a number will appear before it
  5. The "All Tracks" view needs a lot of UI polish; don't show file paths, separate the tracks for different albums somehow, times are all displayed as 00:00, list items don't display album covers until played
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@ngraham Thanks a lot for the feedback. I will work on it.

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