re-read color palettes when application color changes

Authored by sebas on Jun 7 2019, 11:38 AM.



Without this patch, changing the application color scheme from system
settings only affects some widgets. Notably, checkboxes highlighting
colors stays the old color, leading to a hodge-podge color scheme and
bad contrast on some items.

The breeze QStyle caches the colors read via KSharedConfig, so it needs
to re-read the configuration when the application color changes.
QApplication emits a signal (originating in KGlobalSettings), which we
can react to.

This fixes the coloring of various widgets in breeze right after color

FIXED-IN: 5.16

Those I haven't tested, but look quite suspicious (so please re-test):

Test Plan
  1. open kcmshell5 colors
  2. change to a theme with a different highlight color
  3. apply
  4. without patch: checkbox in color KCM (and a whole lot of other widgets all over the place) don't change colors
  5. with patch: colors change as expected

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R31 Breeze
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A bit noob-ish question: can we listen to paletteChanged signal instead? e.g.

connect(qApp, &QGuiApplication::paletteChanged, this, &Style::configurationChanged);
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Try connecting to QGuiApplication::paletteChanged. I added that signal specifically so that you avoid having to install an event filter on QApplication. (This codepath is still likely neccessary for Qt 4 compat). Also, I cannot reproduce the issue described.

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  • use QApplication::paletteChanged as Kai suggests
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Wrap in #if !BREEZE_USE_KDE4

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  • Qt4 compat
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There will be no further 5.15 release. Please set to 5.16 branch (and merge to master when ready).

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Done (assuming editing the phab description is enough).

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You need to run arc amend to reflect the change to the commit message in your local checkout

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LGTM. At a glance breezehelper caches values (loadConfig) and brezestyleconfigdata may as well, so this certainly seems sound. Specifically _viewFocusBrush = KStatefulBrush( KColorScheme::View, KColorScheme::FocusColor, _config ); seems to be used to influence the focus color of checkboxes and that _config is in fact a StyleConfigData. So, this definitely needs a reload.

Is integration of qt4 software still a concern? If so, perhaps the colors KCM should also send the reparseConfiguration signal, seeing as that would cause a double reload on Qt5 we probably don't want that though.

sebas added a comment.Jun 7 2019, 1:33 PM

@sitter here's a review sending the reparseConfiguration signal from the Colors KCM.

Thanks for the review, all!

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