Draw line caption for non-PDF documents
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Authored by tobiasdeiminger on May 29 2019, 9:52 PM.
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T11014: Dimension line annotation tool

Line captions are already implemented in poppler / PDF generator (can't be enabled in okular UI yet, but that's another story).

This adds the drawing code for non-PDF documents.

Looks like this:


  • obey inline / top setting
  • precombine transformation matrix
  • if inline, partially spare out main segment
  • figure out which font size and color to use
  • adjust placement under some conditions (e.g. avoid upside down text)?

Depends on D21248

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Does anybody feel like adding a nice UI for this feature? :-)

In it's simplest form it would be a "show caption" checkbox in the straight line tool.

Line captions, so cool!!! Maybe @simgunz is interested in the UI angle as a part of his annotations UI overhaul?

yes I can try to think of something to expose this feature. As @tobiasdeiminger suggested, I would open a task regarding the straight line tool, where we can also discuss the point on how to deal with the proper line ending (see BUG: 407463). I would like to first push my changes regarding the new annotation toolbar, so we can discuss how to expose this feature, also taking into consideration that new interface.