replace postinst flatpak addition with a service attempting it every 30m

Authored by sitter on Nov 2 2018, 12:27 PM.



the previous approach was utterly incompatible with offline updates. or
for that matter any update which would lose internet connection before
installation. which is not entirely unreasonable to happen (e.g. train
wifi or whatever)

the new approach will attempt to add flathub every 30 minutes until it
to prevent the service from running after that a marker file is created
which turns the service noop.

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FWIW I now absolutely hate this being in the plasma-discover packaging and IMO should be moved to neon-settings instead. Iff we want this to be part of discover's default UX it should be solved via discover itself, not add it on via the packaging.

(e.g. train wifi

Thanks for think about poor commuters like me :) Every day my train passes through an Indian reservation and I lose wifi for about 15 minutes. It's actually a pretty good opportunity to test offline robustness, so I'd be happy to be your guinea pig.

sitter abandoned this revision.Nov 19 2018, 3:00 PM

This entire shebang was moved to neon-settings and is now being tested in dev/unstable.

Oh and FWIW, Nate, when there is internet the thing will finish in seconds, so this is actually tricky to test in real life unless you manually pkcon update -d; disconnect; pkcon update